Song "Mary in the Morning"

Maybe twice in my life have I heard the lovely song “Mary in the Morning,” once a vocal and once an instrumental, the latter in February 1981 on KBIG, a “beautiful music” station in Los Angeles. I whistled and hummed part of the opening like this:
La la la la
La Mary in the Morning
That’s all the words that I know to this song…

Yes, I sang that last line! :stuck_out_tongue:
But I don’t know the rest of the lyrics nor the name of the male vocalist who sang it.
Any info, please? :slight_smile:

Search engines are your friend! There were two versions recorded in the late '60s, by Al Martino and Ed Ames; the Ed Ames version is the one I remember:

*Nothing’s quite as pretty as Mary in the morning,
When through a sleepy haze I see her lying there.
Soft as the rain that falls on summer flowers
Warm as the sunlight shining on her golden hair.

When I awake and see her there so close beside me
I want to take her in my arms, the ache is there
So deep inside me.

Nothing’s quite as pretty as Mary in the morning,
Chasing a rainbow in her dreams so far away.
And when she turns to touch it I kiss her face so softly
And then my Mary wake to love another day.

And Mary’s there in summer days or stormy weather;
She doesn’t care how right or wrong, the love we share,
We share together

Nothing’s quite as pretty as Mary in the evening,
Kissed by the shades of night, and starlight in her hair.
And as we walk, I hold her close beside me
All our tomorrows for a lifetime we will share*

(Ed Ames is probably best remembered as the man who impaled a cutout sheriff’s crotch with a tomahawk on The Tonight Show, causing what is reputed to be the longest sustained audience laughter ever recorded.)

Thanx to both :slight_smile:
Elvis?? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: