Songs for relaxation.

You finish a long hard day at work. You have a headache from all the crap you have to take at your job. You come home a wreck. What song do you turn on to remind you the world is still a beautiful place and that everything will be ok?

Right now I listen to Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind and Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel.

Poetic Champions Compose by Van Morrison. Had the tape and it broke long time ago, so decided to pick up the cd finally. Forgot how good it is.

“Wheat Kings” by the Tragically Hip (never mind the subject matter), or “Beauty” by Tegan & Sara.

‘My heart is inditing’ by Handel.

This version of “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” by The Real Tuesday Weld, “Last Train to Lhasa” by Banco De Gaia, “Tongues of Kali” by Martyn Bennet, (very cool artist) “Only If” by Enya, “Cursum Perficio” by Enya, and “Storms in Africa” by Enya, and various Baroque composers are several of the ones I like to listen to for a pick-me-up. You can find videos for the first two on btw.

I linked to lyrics, and a page on Atomfilms that has the “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” video btw.

“Let Go” by Frou Frou. Beautiful and a little haunting.

Summertime by Mungo Jerry, and Black Water by the Doobie brothers does it for me every time. Also, so does the end theme for a Metal Gear Solid, a game for the PS1.

“Miserere” by Allegri–hauntingly beautiful–and most anything by Enya. :slight_smile:

Songs of the Spirit - a collection of Native American musics
Hindemith - Mathis der Maler
Kitaro - Silver Cloud

I actually have a couple CDs, Beethoven for Relaxation is my favorite of them, but there’s also Mozart for Relaxation and Brahms for Relaxation.

Not great performances, but certainly adequate, and a very nice soothing mix.

Not so much a single CD, but several different songs:

“Alexander the Burn Victim” by scarling.
“Can’t” by scarling.
“Germfree Adolescents” by X-ray Spex
“Solitude” by Black Sabbath
“Laguna Sunrise” by Black Sabbath
“Fluff” by Black Sabbath
“Scarlet Pimpernel” by Black Sabbath
“Orchid” by Black Sabbath

I guess the last four are technically by Tony Iommi, but they’re billed as being by the band, so there you go.

…and could a mod please fix CK Dexter Haven’s coding? :stuck_out_tongue:

:o By that I mean “Last Train to Lhasa”, and “Tongues of Kali”. “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” is also available on Launch, but I really, really don’t like that mix. It’s less jazzy, and more trendy. It’s charm is spoiled IMO.