Sopranos Finale - June 4 - let's talk about it (Spoilers)

Yeah, I know it’s not “really” a finale, but you know what I mean.

We’re left with very little in the way of cliffhangers. Besides Agent Harris’s warning about someone close to Tony being in danger, there’s almost no indication of what will happen in the remaining episodes. The possibility of a New York - Jersey war, the biggest potential plot point of the rest of the show, seems like it might be lessened by Tony’s talk to Phil.

I don’t know if I liked this episode very much. I think it was a bad way to end the year’s season. It resolved very little (besides Chris back on heroin which we ALL SAW COMING) and had little in the way of high drama or exciting action. Even the dialog seemed kind of awkward. The best thing about the episode, by far, was the fact that it started off with Carlo.

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I just want to go on record as saying this was one of the worst seasons in the history of HBO TV. What a bunch of bullshit for money. Filler for an extra 8 episodes. But a snoozeroo, waste of time.

The whole season. Crapola. I find out Vito is gay, AJ is not. That wasn’t worth a season of Sopranos.

Can anyone justify this other than a money grab? I feel like cancelling HBO right now!

Thank goodness one of the three Sopranos threads isn’t an attempted whinefest. :wink:

We’ll see how much impact Tony’s talk to Phil really had. I can’t see the experience meaning as much to him as it did to Tony. He’s just too much of an asshole. The ending was very strange, but I liked the weirdness. I think they showed us that Christmas scene just to prepare for a contrast where the whole family is ripped apart next year.

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The episode was fine except the possible reconciliation at the end. This show needs to end on a high note of a gritty 8 episode Gang war of NY vs. NJ.
The season as a whole was by far the worst and the most boring. Very disappointing.
Back to the episode, I enjoyed it, not much filler, interesting twist to an AJ finally growing up. I thought he would try to bluff the three punks with his father’s name. The scene with Junior was interesting and well done.

Jim {I will be canceling HBO again until the final 8 and renegotiating my deals with Comcast, but I was planning to do this anyway.}

I was concerned about this episode from the get go, when I saw that three people took writing credits. Too many writers often spoils the soup, so to speak.

This season started off so well–I have not been a fan of Tony’s dream sequences in the past, but I really liked the coma dreamworld. The rest of the season has gone downhill from there.

I think the major problem is that there are too many plotlines going on, as compared to previous seasons, and none of them are getting the attention they deserve. (I did like the Vito storyline, but that was given almost too much attention, to the detriment of other plot developments.)

Anyway, back to tonights episode, the thing that was the most distracting to me was that it seemed that the Thanksgiving/Christmastime setting seemed forced. I’m sure it was done so the remaining eight episodes that will start in January of 2007 will have some seasonal continuity.

Was it just me, or were you expecting Tony to barge in on Chris and the realtor in the apartment, or to see the NY crew take some action against Chris outside of the restaurant?


Everyone wants The Godfather. Everyone wants Goodfellas. The Sopranos was never meant to be that type of mob show. They don’t need a war to make good television.

Having said that, I went off my habit of watching the show on a slight delay, and I wish I hadn’t. Some scenes were far too drawn out. While I like the show as a family drama without all the cliffhangers and cookie cutter writing of other family dramas, the writing this season was far too loose. I really believed that many threads could have been tightened, and that Chase could have explored more characters.

We saw him leave the restaurant so many times that I had to wonder. But I’d also read that they were already doing his contract for the last ‘season,’ so it was confusing.

Don’t cancel until after Deadwood is over, 'm kay?

I liked the episode. It felt like a finale. Except for Christopher drugging again*, it seemed like everyone was on the right track. I especially liked A.J. acting like a family man with his new girl and her little boy.

*And maybe he stopped?

That was exactly what I was expecting in both scenes. Or even for Chis and the Realtor being taken out Godfather style inside the diner, hit outside the diner, or for Chris’ car to go boom as they were leaving.

Good for AJ. Got his bean snapped and was taking responsibility for something by watching after her little son. Might be the first time ever.

It was anticlimactic but it seems like Sopranos season finales always are. There just wasn’t much meat there tonight. Chris is back on heroin. We’ve seen that before. AJ starting to mature a little bit? Maybe. Who thought he was going to try to fight those kids making all the noise and get his ass kicked? He actually used his brains for once.

The only laugh for me is when Tony ordered a round of drinks to celebrate Phil’s heart attack.

I can only hope that the final 8 episodes are an orgy of non-stop bloodletting.

Bring on Deadwood.

The one great thing about this episode was the very beginning. Excellent music, surreal quality, and it’s so awesome to have an episode start out with Carlo doing something, because you never see him by himself. He is the most mysterious character on the entire show, without a doubt. You never see him at home, he’s never shown with a wife or girlfriend, and his most prominent scene was stabbing a man to death with a kitchen knife. He is by far the most intimidating looking character on the show. Arthur Nascarella, the guy who plays him, is a veteran of the Marines and spend 20 years as an NYPD cop, making him the only authentic tough guy on the cast besides real-life gangster Tony Sirico. Look at that face! I would say that he should be on the show more often in more prominent roles, but part of the character’s mystery is that you never see him.

I thought it was a somewhat boring episode as well. One of the highlights for me was catching a goof. When Chris and Julianne where on stoned and laying on the couch, she picked up a pack of marlboro REDS and pulled out an all white cigarette. There could, of course, be a million reasons for this. It just seemed odd.

I was proud of the little shit. It took some balls to confront those guys. (I thought for a second he was getting an AK-47 out of his car.)

Do you think Chris and Julianna are quits? I could see Chris just going home to his wife. I got the impression that being back on drugs was boring for them.

One minute late
I find out Vito is gay

You must have missed the whole blowing a security guard in the parking lot scene?

You must have missed the whole blowing a security guard in the parking lot scene?


No, I saw it. I just didn’t think it would take up 5 episodes of this season. But you are right. I found out Vito was gay in season 5. I found out he was a flaming homosexual in season 6. Not a great storyline. At least, not for the time spent on it.

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Yea, but just being bored with drugs probably isn’t going to pull him out of it. He might need to get slapped around by Tony a little. As for AJ, that seemed pretty stupid. The girl (Blanca, Bianca, Branca whatever her name was) probably thinks he went out their and roughed them up and meanwhile he’s gonna have to find something new to give them each week to make them go away.

I actually really liked this episode, but I thought it left a lot to be desired as a season finale. They’re poised on the brink of everything going to shit, and I think it would have drawn me in a little more if they had gone just a half-step further and given us a little taste of everything going to shit.

(I honestly thought someone was going to bust into their little Christmas gathering with an AK and start shooting people up. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea; the cast is so large at this point that it’s hard to use everybody effectively. They could stand to cull the herd a bit.)

I think that has been my biggest complaint of the whole season–the individual episodes are excellent, but they don’t really work together the way a series like this should. I think they had the last-season arc all planned out, and then they decided to insert the eight “bonus” episodes, so it feels padded.

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I just want to go on record as saying this was one of the worst seasons in the history of HBO TV. What a bunch of bullshit for money. Filler for an extra 8 episodes. But a snoozeroo, waste of time.

The whole season. Crapola. I find out Vito is **VERY ** gay, AJ is not. That wasn’t worth a season of Sopranos.

Can anyone justify this other than a money grab? I feel like cancelling HBO right now!

(I added the VERY from my other post, as I knew Vito was gay from the BJ in the parking lot.)

I will also add that I have usually liked the dream sequences, and I enjoyed Tony’s coma dream. But the season had nothing.

I disagree that most people want the Godfather. This has never been the Godfather. It’s been successful because of the balance of Tony’s mob life intertwined with his home life. Very boring, detached storylines, with a whole lot of nothing at the end.

I think Chrissy’s wedding was a metaphor for the whole season. It happened quickly, we never met the bride (who looks strangely like Meadow) and then he’s wrapped up in an affair with a drug/alcohol user he met in re-hab.

Chrissy will have to go next season. If not by Phil, by Tony himself.