Southerner Dopers: Jacktoberfest, anyone?

I know there’s a handful of other MS Dopers here. Is anyone else going to Jacktoberfest in JXN on October 17? It’s got free admission, beer, brats, and bands playing. Proceeds benefit the Luekemia Lymphoma Society. If you’re going, lemme know, and we’ll meet up.

Hey Girl! Long time, no see. :wink:

Can you bring your mom to this thing? Didn’t y’all set a train on fire once? I’d like to come over there and meet the two ladies that burned the train, but this is such short notice. [sigh] Maybe next time.

I’m not going Mississippienne, sorry. I just got back from my Olive Branch trip, then had Bunco at my house on Monday; so far this week I’ve been trying to catch up both housework and work-work from the week I was gone. I’m about give out!

If you go be sure to catch Raphael Semmes’ band. That’s some good jazz they play. :slight_smile:

We won’t be there, either. :frowning: