Spartydog, eat a bag of dicks.


I really hate doing this. When I returned to this board, I intended to avoid getting in to pit squabbles.

That noted’ I am sick and God damn tired of bullshit like this:

Bigoted crap numbnuts posted in GD.

Who the fuck are you to call voters in mostly Southern states backwards and uneducated? Just because a majority of our voters chose a Republican over a Democrat, you think you’re better than us? You aren’t. Never have been. Never going to be.

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible for someone to disagree with you on political issues AND be an intelligent, well educated person.

Be advised that it is my sincere wish that you immediately contract an incurable, incredibly painful, but (in compliance with Pit rules) non-fatal disease that causes you to suffer extreme pain for all eternity, you sanctimonius pissant.

Good luck convincing the masses here of that. For the record, I agree with you.

Don’t mind him…he’s still mad over Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce at the Super Bowl.

The problem is that once again the facts have a well known liberal bias. In rankings of states, the south lags in almost every category: health, education, divorce, income, teenage pregnancy, etc. Hereis a site which ranks states by livability. Look at the bottom 5: Missisippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

People aren’t dumb because they vote Republican, they vote Republican because they are dumb.

The South is in fact less educated then the rest of the country, according to the US census bureau:

Dunno about a good statistically measurable definition of “backwordness”, but if you want to propose one, we can see if it holds.

Well, all six of the states in that article (TX, MS, LA, AK, SC, ID) have below-average percentages of bachelor’s-or-higher degree holders, so the education bit isn’t all that untrue. Cite.
Edit: Dammit, ninjaed while looking at other stuff on that site.

Oakminster is confused because his sister, mother, aunt and niece all have a masters degree. Of course they are all the same person.

Louisiana needs jobs and money bad. Real bad. If Jindahl is responsibly fulfilling his role as governor, he should be willing to crawl on his hands and knees to DC and kiss anything that is shoved towards him. That’s what his people need, that is what he should do for them. If your principles will not permit you to help your people, abandon your principles. Duh.

Actually, asswipe, both my parents are retired professors. Two uncles and one aunt are currently college professors. I’ve got a J.D., my brother has a Masters, and another aunt holds a Masters. All different people. No incest going on. Sorry to disappoint you.

It’s spelled “than,” pudknocker.

I’m going to school in FL :slight_smile:

And yet, we understand that “less educated” does not mean the same thing as “uneducated”. Fancy that.

My guess would be that illiteracy and lack of high school graduation tracks race pretty closely. Idaho, Oregon, Iowa, Alaska–the whitest states–have very high literacy and graduation rates, while Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Lousiana–the blackest states–have low ones. This is the legacy of our nation’s racism, a racism that was particularly devastating in the South where states used illiteracy as a means of disenfranchisement most aggressively.

But that means that most of the “uneducated” people we’re talking about are black people, who tend to vote Democratic, which sort of undermines Spartydog’s point.

If they voted Republican it’s proof education isn’t always a cure for just plain stupid.


Right. Disagreeing with you on political topics automatically makes someone stupid.
Come back when you’ve got an actual point.

"Well my father was a mechanic. His father was a mechanic. My mothers father was a mechanic, my 3 brothers are mechanics, 4 uncles on my fathers side… "

Brilliant. Pithy, even.

Right, so if white people are stupid it’s white people’s fault, and if black people are stupid, it’s…white people’s fault. Since Asians have higher IQ’s than whites, do whites get to take credit for that? Or would their IQs be higher still, if only whitey hadn’t kept the Asians down?

<Looks up at the banner>

<Re-reads The Tao’s Revenge’s totally ignorant remark>

Cecil, you’re losing the fight.

I’m not half as disappointed as your sister.