Spell Check in Mozilla Firefox

Someone recently suggested that there is a spell checker in FIREFOX under Edit, Properties… But I cannot see any Properties tag under Edit, nor can I find any spell checker anyplace in FIREFOX nor in the FIREFOX Help. Anyone can tell me where to look.

I think you have to go here and download the English dictionary. It should work after that.

It doesn’t always work WELL though…

Try Tools|Options|Advanced and there’s a check box for “Check Spelling While I Type”.

What version of Firefox are you using? The spell checker is only built in on versions 2.0 and higher. If you are using 1.x, you’ll need to install a spell check extension, such as Spellbound.

I am using version which I think has spell checking. I found the place that jasonh300 mentioned. It seems that spell checking is automatic when that box is ticked.