Spotting Wiccans: This information could save a Christian life!

Sigh :rolleyes:

You do realize that site’s satire, right?

Every once in a while, the Landover Baptist site hooks a new one!

Btw, I recommend

Why does everyone have to get their anti-Christian outrage second hand?

Get out there and get persecuted yourself, then come back.

Might wanna see a doctor to get that fishhook looked after.

Flung the headless cat across 279 pews, huh? Must have had quite an arm on her, that Wiccan did. And it must have made quite a whoosh.

No, no! Our most high prophet, Stephen Colbert, says we have to fear bears!

No, no! that’s “arm bears”! We get to arm bears!

Hmph. My first girlfriend was Wiccan: smart and sexy. She introduced me to the Wiccan Church of Canada, and dragged me kicking and screaming to a meeting. It reminded me more of the Scarborough Theatre Guild more than anything else.

We still broke up after a while thoigh. The only black magic I’ve ever been near is a brand of chocolates.

Annie-Xmas, you been WHOOSHED! :smiley:

I thought Spotting Wiccans was going to be one of those tampon (TMI) threads.

Get away, that athame’s sharp! OW!


Now that we have misdirected you, we will…

we will…
Crap. I never thought anyone would actually FALL for that.

After reading the article, I have to ask…

did YOU even READ the article?

I’ve read enough similar and completely serious articles written by hysterical, tragically ignorant Christians that I could almost believe that was one of them, except it was spelled too well to contain so much humor by accident.