Spring (and love) are in the air.

I used to think all of that crap about people falling in love during the spring was just that, crap.

Yet in the past month, I have fallen in love, two of my suitemates have found love, I have orchestrated a match between two of my best friends, and I have noticed other girls on my hall arm-in-arm with new boys.

Now I’m turning into the mushy sentimentalist I’ve always tried not to be. I’d like to hear some “how we fell in love” stories from fellow Dopers, whether they’re with another Doper or not.

So come…share yours. And I’ll share mine.

I’m secretly in love with Shibb, but it’s totally unrequited. I do think it’s very cool that people have found each other through this place. But I’m really interested in finding out about you, Nocturne. Was this person at BamaDope, by chance?

Well I don’t know about falling in love; but I did get laid last weekend. That broke a 6 week dry spell. And there for about
half an hour or so all was right in the cosmos. :smiley:

I believe I’ve fallen in love (or lust) in all 4 seasons! :slight_smile: Also fallen out of love (or lust) at random times.

Spring means…SPRING TRAINING BASEBALL. MLB baseball is right around the corner.

My heart is a flutter with warm, positive emotion…

As far as romantic love, or sick obsession in my case, I usually wait for fall.

I dated the girl I had been (secretly) in love with for some time in February, but it’s unrequited. Trying to forget about it.


She is obviously a Doper of the highest order. We met at ChiDope in August, 2001, began e-mailing and IMing early September/October, but not really lovey-dovey stuff. She visited me for a weekend in November, and we seemed to hit it off very well. We discussed it, decided to pursue what may be out there between us, or not there, as the case may be. We kept our eyes very much open, and fell deeply in love.

I think I am in love. Del Tin Armi Antiche has just developed a new rebated rapier blade that is even finer than my Zamorano. The weapon is lighter without compromising any stiffness, the balance is superior, and the steel is of finer quality. When the hilt is done, she and I will be united at last.