Spring is Here!!

Ah, spring. The warmth of the sun, flowers in bloom, the smell of orange blossoms in the air.
Every year, something happens to me when this time of year rolls around. I wanna quit my job, DO something, have some dirty bad fun. I get very restless, I wanna be FREE!! It really messes with me.
Does anybody else go through this?

Heheh - no - look ont he bright side!

OH, be fair - somebody had to. :slight_smile:

I think I have the opposite symptoms - I think, if I am a miseryguts anyway, and living in a city, what a waste to have spring and summer!

Yes, OK, a bit odd, I know.

The thread title made me wanna bust out singing:

Spring is Here, the skies are blue!
Birds all sing as if they knew!
Today’s the day, we’ll say I Do!
And we’ll never be lonely anymore!

Because we’re…

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…
I don’t know what scarier, the fact that I thought of that song or the fact that I actually know all the words to it. :o

Anyway, I here ya trublmakr. Spring gets me going too. Pool time! Shorts! My neighbor and I sitting out in the driveway in our lawn chairs drinking beer! What? Doesn’t everybody do that?

I’m with you! Drinking beer outside is the best part about spring and summer.

I also want to quit my job every spring. Often on the first really nice day of spring, I have to just take the afternoon off and go do something. My boss understands.

I feel the same way about spring too. Unfortunately it’s already summer here. Spring and its flowers come here around Valentines Day and last until late March/early April. I consider spring to end on the day I have to turn on the A/C. From here on out, it’s heat and humidity baby. I hope I’ll be able to turn off the A/C full time by the end of October.

Spring! spring spring spring SPRIINNGG!!!

:: happydance ::

Green grass! Trees budding with little baby leaves! Cherry trees in bloom!

It took a long time to get here to Toronto, but now the warm* weather’s here!!!

*Warm: anything above 17C, where you can go around with only a T-shirt and a light jacket above the waist. Hot: 26C, or when you have to take the jacket off.

I like hot.

But not humid. Misummer will be icky (30C and 90% humidity).

Spring is here, too. The trees have all leafed out, the lilacs have bloomed and dropped their blossoms. The tulips are past their prime. It was 80 degrees on Monday.

Right now it is snowing like crazy. (Boulder, CO)

For some of us it’s autumn.