SpringsFest -- Colorado Style -- Feb 8?

Okay folks, here it is…the time of the year when Colorado folks are bored out of their skulls because it’s not snowy enough to make snow angels and it’s too cold to go play frisbee.

WAIT I say, WAIT, it was in the 70s a week ago or so maybe we don’t quite have cabin fever…

Anyhow, let’s all meet in downtown Colorado Springs for a mini SpringsFest on February 8. Or a major small one, whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, it was brought up by raisinbread to meet up.

SOOOOOO, how about it?

Several places we could meet:

Jack Quinn’s
Old Chicago
Jose Muldoons

All of which feature good food and good libations. Some of the younger set can even join up if we go to a restaurant/bar. If we decide to go to Rum Bay though, we’d have to abandon the younger set. Which sucks because that place is good fun.

I am calling all Colorado Dopers to come play with us. There are plenty of cheap but clean hotels in the area so you don’t have to drive the long drive with alcohol in your system or from being too tired to drive.

[stern voice]I have been to a few Denver Dopefests, never one down here, make the drive, come see us Springers in our element, have fun. It aint LoDo but it’s still a nice place to go.[/stern voice]

Whatcha think? Date not work? Let me know, let me know.

I’ll see if I can make it tech, I’d love to see everyone. Someplace non-alcoholic for at least part of the day, I’ll try to keep that whole weekend clear and think up an excuse to drive to Springs for the day by myself. I probably won’t be able to stay around for more than a couple hours, but we’ll have to make the most of it. So count me in and email me when everything gets figured out.


We could start it early, say at Jose Muldoons. They allow families there, last time I was there anyway. Not sure how your parents feel about you driving I-25 at night. Let me know what they think, heck they can even come if they want to. In my AOL days, we’d have AOL parties and occasionally some of the younger set would show up with their parents. Very cool I must say. I know you aren’t “that” young but if it made them feel better.

Regardless, we can work around ya doll.

You of course are welcome to join us!!!

Okay, I have an LJ friend commited (assuming things work out with her home life) to meeting you all. Can we say Doper convert?

So…what do you all say?

Come to the Springs and have some fun!

Just a shameless bump before I go to bed.

Please post here if you think you can be a part of the festivities…



Sorry, I would love to, but I’m 10,000 miles away…

I was thinking of suggesting one in June/July when I am back for a wedding…So I’ll suggest one then. Other than that, have fun everyone!


Feb. 8 sounds workable. I still haven’t been to my office yet to check my calander, but barring something I have to cover, I’ll be there.

ladyfoxfyre, if you can find no other way to Springs, my wife and I could swing through Pueblo and pick you up. Hopefully, at our ages we can pass muster. I’m sure we look (and probably sound) like people’s grandparents (which may or may not reassure your parents). Of course, that is dependent on my and my wife’s schedules being clear.

I will probably need some directions to the places in question as the time gets closer.


I don’t live in the area anymore, but I just wanted to chime in and say I’ve had drinks with TV time and his wife. And while they may look like someone’s grandparents, they certainly don’t ACT like them! (Unless your grandparents pound beverages like a hammer does nails) :wink:

I have another LJ friend that plans on coming.

< giggling >

The funny thing is, we live within walking distance and we have never met!!!

Oh and Tomcat certainly we can accomodate you, any excuse to party!

Nah, I can get up there, it’s not that much of a stretch for me. Only 65 miles or so. I’ve got a car and all, so I can make it. I’m just thinking of excuses to come up, because my parents are very very anti-internet socialization. They’d say no immediately, just because they are paranoid. But I would really like to come, I’ve been wanting to go to a dopefest forever. I’ll find a way to make it work, don’t worry.


I’m up for anything except on Wednesday or Thursday nights when I have quality time with my friends upstairs. I really am not into driving around especially when I will be drinking any alcohol. I live a mile away from downtown (Acacia Park) so walking is not a problem for me. I’d just ask that it takes place someplace casual since I do not have anything formal or business casual.
Pueblo is 65 miles away? I thought it was more like thirty miles away less’n you’re talking about a round trip.

raisinbread ,

Not a problem. Most of the places downtown allow you to wear jeans. Besides, that’s all I wear anyhow. As long as you don’t look like you just crawled out from under a bridge and not a lot of holes and such, they’re pretty accommodating to most styles.

It’s about a 35-45 minute drive from most parts of Pueblo, just depends on which part of Pueblo you live.

Yeah, the sign in Colorado City says 60-something, and that’s closer to where I live. I’m just a hair south of Pueblo really, so it will be about 65 miles. But that’s not that big of a deal, I can make it. I’m thinking Old Chicago sounds good to me, or Jose Muldoon’s because I’ve never been there. I’ll need directions once we decide where the party’s gonna be, I don’t know my way around Springs as well as I know my way around P-town.
Tech, if you’re up for it please IM me, my screen name is ladyfoxfyre.

I would say, let’s meet at Jose Muldoons, since it is definately under 21 friendly, this would ensure that ladyfoxfyre can have some fun with us. It’s pretty good food, not the best Mexican/Southwest in town but certainly doable.


ladyfoxfyre, since you are the one that needs to be more concerned with time, what works best for you?

Also, I don’t see you on line…I am COflower2 on AIM.

Well, it looks like I’ll be able to make it. I’ve got to cover a ball game in the early afternoon, but other than that, I should be able to take part.

Jose Muldoons is the place right across from the park. It’s on the corner, right?

Yeah, it’s right across from the park. A bit north of that card shop but south of that home entertainment store on the corner of Platte and Tejon.

Slightly offtopic but am I the only person who is afraid of walking through Acacia Park at night? I’ve walked through Central Park at night, slept on a train in Hoboken and been in Places I Should Not Have Been That Late At Night in NYC and never felt afraid.

TV Time yes it is just across from Acacia Park. Dont’ worry ther is plenty of parking behind…

And I can’t typre right now.

raisinbread ,

I wouldn’t walk though Acacia park at night but then again I am of the female persuasion so I wouldn’t walk many places alone at night.

Now that I am sober…

How about we meet at 7:30?

I will check with my LJ friends as well to see if that works.

LOL, there will be two guys and possibly six women.

Where are the men from the SD in Colorado???

Need more men, more men, more men…