Square and Enix merge

From here Gamespot’s article on the merge

These are two giants of the video game industry. Square is mostly known for its Final Fantasy series which is the most popular console RPG series. They are massively popular in Japan, USA, and Europe. Enix has the Dragon Quest series. It is THE RPG series in Japan. The goverment has a law that Enix can only release Dragon Quest on the weekends so millions of people will not be skipping school and work to pick up the game. Enix, however, is not as popular outside of Japan.

I’m kind of stunned right now as I’m trying to figure how this will affect the video game world. Obviously, some great games will be made but which ones and when? And how will this affect the long in the future production of my beloved Ogre Battle series that Square picked up earlier in the year?

Hmmm, hard to say. Enix gave us IMO the best SNES game out there, Terranigma. Square gave us the runner up FF3. So while this could mean great things it also could result in worse games because there is no longer any major competition to top.

I just hope it means that Square can afford to release FFXI in the states. :slight_smile: