St. Patty's Day shopping list

Alright folks. Sure, sure, get your corned beef and cabbage. Get your Guinness. Get your potatoes and shepherd’s pie ingredients.

But don’t forget the large quantities of grape soda as well. Nothing says “Pogue mahone!” like green poop.

Forgot the coffee, whipped cream and Irish whisky to make Irish coffee for the drinkers, and Irish Creme non-dairy creamer to make faux Irish coffee for the non-drinkers.

Check your pantry to see if you have raisins and caraway seeds, so you can bake your own soda bread. Much better than that ersatz stuff they try to palm off on the unsuspecting in March.

I always put aside some cab fare…

Huh? I’m confused.

Corned beef isn’t popular in Ireland, Shepherd’s pie is English and Soda bread doesn’t have raisins in it. And it’s spelt Póg ma thoin.

You’d want lamb chops with your cabbage and the potatoes should be mashed and have scallions put through to make champ. Instead of Shepherd’s pie, make a lamb stew with carrots, and serve some oysters or smoked salmon with brown soda bread (wheaten). Scones and strong tea would be nice and traditional too.
Irish food, being as how it’s based largely on bread and potatoes, doesn’t really do low-carb.

Sorry for nitpicking.

My Paddy’s day shopping includes 6 cans of Guinness, a bottle of rum and some Alka Seltzer.

There is a public transport and airport strike in Dublin on Thursday, so I can spend the day in bed with a hangover, secure in the knowledge that I have a great excuse not to turn up at work.

and to keep on rolling with the nitpick, Whiskey is spelt with a e unless you are talking about Scotch. :slight_smile:

Sláinte a chairde.

You shouldn’t be confused, irishgirl.

My wife is friends with a folk singer from Belfast who tours America frequently. He always refers to St. Patrick’s Day as “that curious American holiday.”

What we’re discussing here are American St. Patrick’s Day customs, which often have only passing acquaintance with the Irish. Oftentimes, too, they are observed by people who aren’t of Irish descent at all.

I’m Welsh and Italian, myself. I cooked the corned beef up on Sunday. My wife is Irish, Belgian, Italian and Lithuanian. She doesn’t like it quite as much as I do. :smiley:

I wanted to buy a good Irish Wiskey. Recomendations, please!


The point of my OP wasn’t to direct people to buy corned beef, etc. It was to point out that drinking a large amount of grape soda will make your poop green.

I’m with Irishgirl on this - Huh?

What’s green poop got to do with Pog ma thoin?

boiling bacon, cabbage and carrots, that’s what we’re having :slight_smile:

If you have any leftover corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, you can fry them up along with some chopped canned beets and make New England Red Flannel Hash.

Good Irish whiskeys

Jameson’s do a nice one, if your feeling spendy get a bottle of their “Crested Ten”.

Paddy is terrible.

You could aslo try a bottle of Black Bush, wheich is from Co. Antrim.

Black Bush is good, but the Bushmills distillery also does Bushmills 10- and 25-year-old malts, which are worth the (rather high) price tag. Incredibly smooth.

Thanks for the tips; I’ll go shopping post St. Pat’s.

…now where’s that DVD of The Quiet Man…


BTW there’s a nice touch in that dreadful movie The Devil’s Own where Brad Pitt plays an IRA man on the run who hides out in New York. His hosts have made him corned beef and cabbage because he’s from Ireland, but Pitt’s character says “I’ve never heard of it.”

Since nitpicking is fun (and trendy it seems!) St Pats is a mental hospital, or a teacher training college (more or less the same thing). Paddys Day is a more common contraction. Americans are gas, and their traditions are spreading, I have taken to wearing something green on paddys day to fend off hoards of mad people who want to pinch me otherwise. I still don’t understand that…