ST V out on anyone actually going to buy it?

I think it’s pretty well known and accepted that Shatner’s attempt at directing a Star Trek movie turned out to be a complete disaster.

Still, ST: The Final Frontier is coming out on DVD. Anyone going to admit to buying it?

tracer will.

Being the completist that I am, I’m going to buy it.

Just think - on DVD the fx shots they just stole from the earlier movies (not subtley) will be so much easier to spot :slight_smile:

If they’ve messed about with the sound I do hope they replaced the James Brown sample which served as the sound of one of the aliens tho - I mean, FFS!

“Ooooow - I feel good” :slight_smile:

That bit :slight_smile:


I’ll buy it eventually.

I haven’t bought any of them and am not sure if I will. All though I do want to see ST:TMP special addition, but will probably just rent it once. I do have the movies up to ST:TUC on VHS but have only watched them once each I think.

ST:TMP is greatly imroved by editing. It doesn’t seem to last forever.

I think ST:V is pretty good, actually. It’s very much in the mold of the original series. It’s not as good a film as ST 2, 4 or 6, certainly, but I find it quite enjoyable.

That said, I’m not going to get any of these DVD’s; I’ve already got them on VHS and I never watch them, so I know it woun’t be worth the price for me.


Ah, the Wizard of Oz Trek film…what a disaster. The only reason that film is worth watching is for when Shatner says “What would God need with a starship?”. It’s a terrible line delivered with all of Bill’s so called dramatic gusto.

Oh and Denise Richards should never ever ever never never ever never never ever been allowed to do that burlesque dance. SHATNER, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MAN!?!?!?

I’ll wait for it to come free with 25 litres of gas.

Denise Richards? Ya mean Nichelle Nichols?

Well, I looked it up, and it was Denise Richards.

And Doctor McCoy was played by that guy, y’know, DeForest Gump.

[sub]bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha, Denise Richards…[/sub]

Hmm, you must be referring to the director’s cut. I’ve had five on DVD for a very long time. Although I think my edition is so barebones you don’t even get subtitles.

I wont be upgrading since what I’ve got right now suits me just fine.

Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking…wishful thinking I guess. :smack:

Geez, the only thing worse than casting Denise Richards in a Star Trek movie would be casting her in a James Bond movie. I hope nobody ever does that, the results would be horrible!

Christmas only comes once a year.

There was no Star Trek V. Strangely, the producers went straight from IV to VI. During the period of time that would have been covered by the nonexistent film, the crew of Enterprise went to have Thanksgiving on the Wookiee planet.

I was so disappointed when they didn’t name its successor “Star Trek VI: The Apology.”

I think the main market for the STV special edition DVD will be people who want the whole set.

Any truth to the story that much of the blame for ST:V can be laid at the feet of Paramount?

Yeah, pretty much, DragognBlink. I’ll be getting all the DVDs of Trek over the next decade or so… even movies (Motion Picture, Final Frontier, Generations) and series (Original Series, Voyager) that I don’t like. I’m a completist.

God, that’s going to be a lot of money.