"Staples reinvents the stapler" - Anyone tried the new "One Touch" stapler?

“Staples reinvents the stapler”

Is it as good as this MSNBC article claims?

This is the stapler that I keep being made fun of about. I love this thing. I’ve actually bought two because I broke the first through overuse. It really does only need one finger and not much pressure. I can staple huge orders at work. I think the most I’ve done was close to 45 pages. This thing is so cool. I’ve actually talked about this in at least 3 other threads :smiley:

I’d give it a whirl, but it’s got a stupid name. Aren’t most, if not all, staplers one-touch?

Yeah, baby. You can also get it at Office Depot, and other suppliers as well I suppose, under the name Paper Pro.

It’s boring in grey. They need more colors. Of course, they should start with red, but it will never be a Swingline. :wink:

I’d be afraid to staple my finger. It would hurt more with that thing.

Holy shit that’s a great stapler!

My mom has one. I almost got disowned over it. I threatened to steal it, and she told me that if I did, I could consider myself dead to her.

Hopefully, she’ll get me one for Christmas. :slight_smile:

One thing that’s great about it–the bottom part is shaped so that it is comfortable to use either sitting on the desk or holding in the hand.

Sometimes somebody really does build a better mousetrap.

How does it work? What allows you to use one finger to staple 20+ pages?

It looks red when it’s sitting on your desk - the top of it is red and black; it’s only the metal part that is silver.
I don’t think I’m allowed to share my opinion because I work for a Staples location…

Well, now I have to have one.

I’m dissapointed that MSNBC decided to cite Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is great and all, using it as as cite is just bad form.

Lets see… I did that back in 61… And it hurt.
My dad had to pull it out of my thumb nail with slip jaw pliers. And it hurt more. Come to think of it, that was stupid kid trick #1. Slamming my finger in the screen door (because I was mad) would be #2. There’s a finger nail theme in there somewhere.

Cool stapler. Will have to check it out.

Oh, silly me! I thought this would be about the Staples TV ad that shows Grandma “taking pictures” with a standard office stapler. (Then they hawk digi-cameras, of course.) :smack:

Why not? As long as you’re sharing it with the right people. Please, tell them to make an ALL RED one! :slight_smile:

And purple too.

Pfft… amateur! :smiley:

In gradeschool I stapled my index and middle fingers together at the pads. The school nurse popped the staple out with what appeared to me to be a butterknife.

Well, technically, but “one palm slam” would be more specific; I think it’s fairly clear what they mean is “JUST one touch”, ie. without great pressure. Though I admit I was confused when I first saw the name.

This is sad.

35 years ago we watched a man walk on the moon.

Now, we’re impressed with a stapler. :frowning:

Having said that, I do gotta have one… :smiley:

Has anyone told Milton about this?

Not only that, but the author claims to know where the name “Staples” comes from:

Am I the only one who thinks that the name, while clever, simply means “basics?” The corporate Milestones & History web page talks about the founding of the company, but I couldn’t find anything to indicate that the name came from the bits of metal that hold pieces of paper together (the founder ran out of printer ribbon, not staples). :dubious:

My wife (english teacher) has one. It’s F’n rad!

We went to Staples one day, and they had a table set up with a stack of papers that you could staple, and they sold those staplers like hot cakes.