"Staples reinvents the stapler" - Anyone tried the new "One Touch" stapler?

I showed the msnbc article to my boss and he went the next morning and bought 2. I have been known to throw staplers that piss me off. And yes, my boss is very understanding. :wink:

I love this thing. His son thinks we’re nuts that we’re so excited about something so simple.

I had to get one, too. My office won’t get me the Primula Maestra 6—especially since it involves importing metric staples—so I bought the staples stapler on my own. Totally worth it.

It’s a double entendre, but you’re supposed to think of bits of metal first, which is why the L in the logo is made of a bent staple.

I just got one of these and now I am a bit scared. A stapler like this cannot be of this world. I suspect dark forces are at work.

Yer all pikers.

In college, I managed to suddenly and forcefully insert all 16 pins of a 16-pin DIP IC hilt-deep into the flesh of my index finger during an attempt to extract the damned thing from a socket without an extraction tool.

I use extraction tools exclusively now.

And the new ball-grid array packages hurt less, thankfully.

Whoa. This thing is niiiiiiice!

I tried to buy one from Office Depot as I prefer their store. However, my store doesn’t carry it in stock so off to Staples I went.

Wowza! This is a wonderful piece of equipment. Wheeeeee!

:: staple staple staple staple staple staple staple staple staple staple ::

Rarely has a thread inspired me into physical action, but after reading this one, I went to two different office supply places looking for one of these beasts. Couldn’t find one. Guess I’ll have to try online.

It’s a sad life when you’re excited by a better way to staple papers.