Star Jones files for divorce

Breaking news!

Boy, who’da thunk a love match like that wouldn’t last? :rolleyes:

Instead of divorcing her husband, wouldn’t it be easier to just eat him?

I think she should give back all the money she whored for them for their wedding day.

How long before the tell-all book?

His or hers?

Flip a coin.

This divorce is brought to you by Snickers. Not going anywhere because your lawyers and her lawyers are fighting like wild animals over every last dollar? Grab a Snickers.

As Star was more than happy to point out, she honeymooned in the area where the 2004 happened just a few months later. One could take that as a sign from Gawd that the marriage was doomed, or you could figure that evacuating the area where Star Jones goes on vacation would be a really good idea.

After looking up Jones on Wiki I feel very out of the loop. I thought she was the porn actress who ran for governor of California.

The porn star has more class and brains than Star Jones could ever hope to.

I believe you’re missing a noun here. Is it “tsunami” maybe?

She was a lot smarter when she was fat.

Again with the Reynolds wrap.

I doubt the porn star has a law degree, worked as an assistant prosecutor, and wrote two books.

As have Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter.
Oh, and yes, it’s soooo classy to have one’s wedding paid for by corporate sponsors.


How is she going to get someone else to marry her? How did she to begin with?

Same planet, different worlds.

The same way she got the first one. A massive dose of mind-control drugs or very compromising pictures. :smiley:

IIRC, he’s suspected to be a closet case.

Why? They paid for a massive amount of advertising and they got what they paid for. What the fuck difference does it matter what happened four years later?


I doubt that if Jones could “work it” as well as the porn star she’d be getting a divorce right now.