Aspiring Wedding Planners, Corporate PR-Types & Smart-Asses - Can You Help Star Jones

According to an Article Entitled Bride-Zilla by (Pulitzer Prize winning reporter?) Orla Healy in The Pulse Section of Monday’s (9/28/04) New York Post:

I have to admit a couple of things: I’m not all that familiar with Star Jones - nor have I ever attended a celebrity wedding.

It’s for that reason I’ve opted to poll you - the denizens of the SDMB - and ask for your help in compiling a list of wedding sponsorship ideas that I can compile & forward off to the future Mrs. Reynolds.


Is she the one from “The View?”

Yep. Doesn’t seem to do much else, though.
What’s “The View,” anyway? And will the sponsors get reimbursed when the couple divorces next year?

Anyway, you wanted sponsors.

Jiffy-lube should buy space on the bride’s back.
Enzyte and Rogaine can split the groom.

I’ll contribute to the Hefty bag that they should shove over her head.

Who wants to chip in for the twist tie necklace for her?


Just so you know, this sponsorship thing is not an original idea. I read awhile back about a non-celebrity couple that put the names/ads of local businesses in their wedding program in exchange for stuff they could use for/at the wedding - food, flowers, printing, etc.

At least Payless better be providing the Dyeables (tm?) for free.

Jon Stewart, I believe (or perhaps Conan O’Brien – I Tivo them both. I just love Tivo) reported that Jones wanted hair stylists to pay HER $1500 for the privilege of doing her hair. For the money, the hair stylist would get publicity.

Can you believe the tackiness of this woman?

Oh Star, Star, Star, all this hype to marry a man who’d rather be marrying her brother. You aren’t Liza, my darling Star sweetie. Rein it in.

Um, uh, suffice to say that I have no sponsorship ideas for Ms. Jones and Mr. Reynolds. I do know the names of some good therapists, though.