Star Jones Reynolds...

…had gastric bypass surgery!!! And in other news, Generalissimo Franco is still dead.

Not news to us who had GBS; I have an identical set of 5 tiny scars (they showed on her early bikini pictures).

Nice of her to finally admit it.


Damn, you beat me to it.

I note her husband still isn’t gay, though.

Pssst - didya hear that Rosie is, though… :wink:

I wonder if she was “scared at what other people would think of her” when she sold corporate sponsorships for her wedding.

Learning that doesn’t diminish my opinion of her in the least.

Frankly, of all the things that one could criticize Star Jones about, I never felt this was one. She had a surgery to help her improve her health, she didn’t want to talk about it, what’s the big deal? I don’t believe she ever actually denied it, she just didn’t talk about it.

Actually what she did was write this book, where she shared her personal diet and exercise secrets. Nowhere was the surgery mentioned.

Okay then, criticize away!

LOL. I don’t really care to criticize her, just to note that what she wrote, and what she actually did to lose the weight were not the same thing.

Well, I’m sure she still had to diet and exercise even with the surgery so it’s not a total lie.

Just a partial one, by omission. :slight_smile:

My first instinct upon hearing this was “No shit” :rolleyes: and it made me pissed that she felt she had to hide something she did to improve her health, when (as gigi pointed out) she was flaunting her corporate wedding sponsors (and her greed) with pride.

Then I stopped to think about it and realized that I did the same thing when I started this job a year ago. These people never knew me when I was fat and didn’t know I had gastric bypass 4 years ago. I chose not to tell them because I didn’t want them always looking at my food and asking me if I “can really eat that”. I didn’t want it to be part of my identity. If anyone found out I was fat and asked me directly, I’d tell them. That’s where we differ.

I think she’s got a lot of balls pretending that *all * she did was diet and exercise.

When it’s already at the bottom, or nonexsistent, where does it have to go, maybe?