Star Trek: Enterprise

Anyone know the name of the song and the artist of the song used in the opening of Enterprise?? For some reason I think its a remake…If it is, is there anyone who knows the artist and name of the song. New artist or possible old artist, either will do. Thanks

The short version that you hear in the credits is sung by Russell Watson. The songwriter is Diane Warren. I have a much longer version of it in my hard drive sung by Rod Stewart, and I don’t know the date but am pretty sure he sang it first (and better, I think).

Oh, the song is called “Faith of the Heart.”

Thanks vivalostwages! I couldn’t place the song but I kinda thought it was Rod Stewart that I heard before. My mom told me that she didnt think it was him so i never looked. Thanks again!

BTW, the Enterprise discussion thread should be starting up again next Wednesday in Cafe Society. During the first season, carnivorousplant started the thread, and if he didn’t, Tars Tarkas did. If neither started it, I did.
I don’t know how it’ll be this time around…Check again in a week and come on in if you want to discuss the episode.

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Incidentally, the name of the show is Enterprise, not Star Trek: Enterprise or any similar variation.

Since this is about a television series and a song, I’ll move this thread to Cafe Society.

The link has spoilers!!

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