Star Wars Galaxies: Worth playing, or should I look elsewhere?

I have played Hearts of Iron until I can play it no more. The death-knell sounded for that game when I had France conquer most of the world. IL-2 has also lost it’s hold on me. Call to Duty was fun, but short. Et cetera and so forth.

I hanker for a RPG. I hanker for an extended version of Knights of the Old Republic, but that ain’t gonna happen, so I am wondering, is Star Wars Galaxies worth playing? I dabbled in Everquest, but was not impressed. Will I be disappointed with SWG, or should I give it a go? Any actual former or current players care to comment?

I haven’t played, but from what I understand, it’s EverQuest with lightsabers.

That was enough to put me off, at least.

The game is now at the six-month post-release point and unfortunately, there are still some major balance issues to be resolved. Most of the large bugs left over from Launch Day have been crushed, though there are still many smaller, more irritating problems with many of the professions and skills that haven’t quite been ironed out.

Only recently were rideable mounts and driveable land vehicles introduced; the long-promised Space Expansion (where you get ships to fly around) won’t be here for months.

The graphics are excellent, but there aren’t enough sounds or music in the game. The quests are numerous but all are hauntingly similar (go kill X, go kill 50 of X, go get Widget A and bring it to Person B, go get Widget A and bring it to Location C).

I dunno. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. What did not impress you about EQ? What made CoD fun for you? Did you play HoI because you like strategy and conquering stuff?


I played it. I had a lot of fun for two months or so, then there wasn’t much left to do. You’re going to have 3 main things you can do to pass the time: Kill stuff, make stuff, or run packages and stuff from Point A to Point B.

If your idea of fun in the star wars universe is “third alien from the left at the cantina” or “aunt Beru’s third cousin, bob the tailor” then it just might be the game for you. Gameplay is extremely boring, the only semblance of an end game is the chance to unlock a jedi character slot which takes lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of boring repetitive exp grinding. Graphics are real pretty, thats about the only thing they got right.

Darn, I was under the impression that the various spaceships were already in game. I don’t suppose that strafing pedestrians will be an option when they are in? :wink:

I tend to play ‘military’ strategy games, but I enjoy a good RPG. Since I have played the Baldurs Gate series to death and back, and since I liked Knights of the Old Republic, I was hoping that SWG was the answer to my prayers. Ah well, I’ll check again after the next expansion.

Thanks for the replies, though. Beats spending my hard-earned ducats…sort of like when I picked up the EQ-uberpack, which now gathers dust on the Shelf of Shame.

You may want to try NeverWinter Nights, if you haven’t. If you have, I believe the Hordes of the Underdark expansion is out.

ahh good old Neverwinter Nights. I’ve started playing that like 9 times and never finished it. My last run I ran into some bug that wouldn’t let me finish Chapter two.

Anyone have any opinions about Jade Empire? I love the notion of a Bioware RPG set in Chinese mythology but the gameplay movies look really crappy so far. Videos

Have you tried Battlefield: 1942 yet? Massively-multiplayer WWII first person shooter. I don’t usually like multi-player FPS, but this one was pretty good.

I don’t know if you have the expansions for nwn or not, but if you don’t i would sugest picking up hordes of the underdark and just skipping the nwn original campaign. The difference is astounding, like they came from different companies, you can tell they have learned ALOT in the years its been out.

If you go this route, try the demos first. They didn’t work at all for me, indicating that I have to look elsewhere :D.


heh I learned my lesson on buying Xpacks for games I haven’t yet beaten a long time ago.

Sadly I like NWNs just something always seems to happen before I get too far in it that distracts me and it gets put on the shelf for a few more weeks. By the time I get interested again I start from scratch something distracts me rinse and repeat.

Minor Nitpick - BF 1942 isn’t a massive-multiplayer games - the most you can have on a single server is 64 players, and you don’t transfer anything over from game to game.

Still, it is a really good game, and the mod Desert Combat is just incrediable when you get a good game going.

I used to be a huge WWIIOL fanboy, until they started veering from ‘historically accurate’. (Well, not like it ever was 100% accurate, but still!) I have heard a bunch of good stuff about BF42, but have not tried it yet. Does it strive for ‘realism’, or is it more like ‘Beyond Castle Wolfenstein’? Still, the ‘Secret Weapons’ expansion pack looks pretty darned cool. May have to pick up that uberpack (after a demo has been tried, of course!)

My future FPS hopes rest squarely on the shoulders of Operation Flashpoint 2, due out some time before the Sun goes red giant on us. (Duke Nukem Forever will still be in development ;))

It’s much more realistic, or at least was before the second expansion, which added stuff like jet packs. It’s not really sci-fi, it’s all stuff that they actually had during the war, just at the very end of it that never saw much use. Kinda turned me off of it, although I was getting burnt out on it by then anyway, and never picked it up.

BF1942 definitely goes more towards arcade gameplay than realism…there is a mod for it (forget the name, and it’s changed a couple of times) that makes it much more realistic - planes that have real loadouts instead of fighters with 8 bombs and 900 rounds of ammunition, infantry that can’t take 5 shots to the torso and live, etc.