Star Wars The Acolyte

We don’t know if Tauntauns or Wampas were native to Hoth. As for atmosphere, the SW galaxy obviously features terraformed planets; maybe Hoth had been seeded with some highly efficient oxygen producing bacteria thousands of years in the past. Who knows? Intelligent spacefaring creatures had been messing with planets for thousands, maybe millions of years - it’s possible that no planet in the SW galaxy had anything resembling its original native flora or fauna.

Native Wampa erasure! Wampas are not colonizers!

We do know. Both are, in canon.

Such as…?

Sure. I haven’t argued it wasn’t habitable. It’s very clearly portrayed as such.

Snowball Earth, on the other hand, wasn’t, which was my actual point.

The reason Star Wars has the singular climate planets is that the original trilogy was always a fantasy story with the trappings of sci-fi. The desert planet is just the desert land across the mountains , the ice planet is the frozen northern tundra, Endor is the forest beyond the city. It’s high fantasy pretending to be science fiction. Subsequent movies, shows, books and comics have tried to science it up more but its root is in Fantasy. I know George Lucas was inspired by Flash Gordon and the Seven Samurai and Westerns but at the end of the day with its black and white morality, swords and sorcery, adventures and escapes, it’s pure high fantasy.

The new episode was good.

I think I finally saw, or understood, stilted dialog that the actors did the best they could.

I find it interesting that the first one to die had the girls best interest in mind. Indara was the best of them. It seems Jedi are more emotional than even they like to admit. I bet that most problems in the galaxy are caused by padawans or any Jedi ruled by emotions, like Sol. Then the ones like Indara have to clean up the mess. That’s just a guess, though.

I want a deleted scene of Detectorist Wookie digging up bent nails and pull tabs.

I’m still not convinced that the coven is all dead.

The last episode will be an epic confrontation.

What is this show even about???

one ep left and it seems to be about: “Stuff happened.”

Isn’t the last ep next week??? Arn’t the twins the shows lead basically? They’ve established ZERO emotional stakes for the audience to feel for them. Really for anyone.

Some for Sol. I like Tommen. I liked the padawan who got killed a couple eps back.

I just don’t see how this wraps up with any kind of satisfying arc. Especially with Bortles being a wild card in all this.

Am i wrong??

I was not wowed by this so and I think you are wrong.

This did not quite deliver to me but it is supposed to be a big reveal of what we’ve supposed to have been wondering about. It recasts some of what we thought we knew with additional information. More reveals to come.

I dislike the chopping up of the narrative across different times. It’s very jarring and makes it hard to piece together what’s happened/happening.

But I like the story. It’s about some Jedi that find some witches, how they react to each other, and the consequences. The focus point is the twins; everything revolves around them.

We get to see a variety of Jedi personalities and tactics, and some cool witchy magic. I love the characters of Sol, Mae, Osha, and Aniseya.

I was HOPING for more unfortunate escalation…as I think a lot of people were thinking the witches/jedi fight would be more.

But overall I think it did its job ok. Honestly my only quibble was how the fight started. Like I actually got goosebumps when Mother started to dissipate and Mae started as well—I thought “Oh shit!” And then Sol assuming the worst and stabbing Mother. Ok…but everything should have popped off immediately–like maybe a beat for drama–enough for her to tell Sol “I would have let her go.”…and then arrows and Zabrak mom going after Sol. It was way too long considering the witches were nocked and ready.

I also assume not all the witches died…especially other mom.

I’ve generally liked this show… but this was the first episode I found genuinely disappointing. No one’s actions made any sense at all.

Torban (? the padawan) in particular… OK, so he’s out on a boring field expedition and wants to go home and whines about it. Fine.

Then he gets mind-controlled, which must be a horrifying experience.

Then there’s an important scientific discovery, and he immediately, disobeying his authority figures, jumps on a speeder bike to return to the place where he got mind controlled? I mean, it just doesn’t make any kind of sense at all. Even for a normal teenager that’s both reckless and also insanely self-destructive. And he’s a padawan, who has presumably been training in calm and Jedi-ness since he was 3.

Then the timing on the whole fight was silly.

And it still makes no sense that one burning book set off a chain reaction that blew up an entire industrial installation. I was assuming we were going to see the “truth” of that, but so far it just seems like, yup, that’s what happened. Nonsensical.

I do have one theory/hope: Mae said something about sacrifice. So maybe everything the witches did, all the turning-to-smoke and all the witches dying at once, was part of the Ascension ritual in some way, and either Mae or Osha, or maybe both of them together, are unknowingly possessed, or will be; or something to make that all interesting.

As it is, we started with “ok, here’s a child’s view of the events, didn’t make a ton of sense - I bet when we see someone else’s recollections it will all become clear” and then we saw what are theoretically Sol’s memories and it made even less sense.

Not just a book, but the flaming lamp that she dropped that spread liquid fuel.

I assume the sacrifice was going to be all the witches sacrificing themselves (giving up their physical form) and yeah basically inhabiting the girls–not in an active way, but that their knowledge, experience, power would then be part of the girls…with some handwave that all that power had to be split between two entities.

For the padawan…would it have worked if he had seemed more “off” since the mind possession? Not just grumbly…but like… spaced out at times, outright angry at other times–a little stir-crazy even. Maybe even a question of whether he goes back to the coven because he is serious about investigating the vergence or if he’s going to pick a fight.

Oh there is so much that doesn’t make sense, even narrative sense, or requires huge hand waves.

Individually they could be ignored but together? Not great.

Yeah Torbin being such a whiny brat at this point of his training. His not having been told until they have been doing this work for who knows how long the why? If Sol was really that frustrated at not having a padawan then you’d think Inara would be kinder than to tease him about it? Every scene basically has a huh item.

I mean, it’s basically a given some survived, no? They’ve been heavily hinting that Quirim received some training in their magic—he can enter minds just like Mother Aniseya could, for instance. Also, although that’s speculation on my part, it seems probable that he’s the link through which Palpatine (or Darth Plagueis) learns the techniques that lead to Anakin’s creation.

Well, entire installations getting taken out due to a chain reaction are nearly as much of a thing in Star Wars as people falling down huge shafts (and being fine). But yeah that was a very flammable stone fortress.

My fanwank on Torbin was that, as a byproduct of the mind control, there was a desire/addiction for more, similar to the craving for crack after its first use. And he wasn’t strong enough mentally to resist that particular Force mind trap.

I think this show would have been better served by spacing the Flashbacks throughout the story instead of saving them for their own episodes and trying to surprise the audience with things that they already guessed several episodes earlier. Everyone writes with how the Internet will talk about the show in mind instead of just telling a compelling story.

I think the big remaining question is who is Manny’s master? Or is it a former master who he’s fled? It likely has to be either the twins’ remaining witch mother, or the green Jedi. He had to have been taught about the “power of two”from someone. And his desire to keep his thoughts protected suggest it’s likely the witch, but the coven doesn’t seem like their members would pair up with a man.

This whole story just seems to strain credulity to me. I am sure we’re being set up for as second season, not sure I’ll watch it. Now the Jedi know a way to un-fuck a person’s mind when they’ve been possessed by a weird witch ritual? But 10 years later don’t have the proficiency to deal with Mae in 1v1 combat?

I’ve watched all the episodes so far, but it just isn’t hooking me very well. I just think the writing is off and not compelling, despite having a generally compelling plot. I mean, who builds their stronghold out of flammable stone?