Starcraft dopefest!

(Thanks to Larry Mudd for the idea)
Anyone want to do a dopefest for starcraft? I’m thinking maybe some of us could hook up on battle net and play some games. Anybody in?

Prepare to feelt the wrath of my cheap zergling rush!!
Sure, what time?

I’m in, natch.

Everyone has Broodwar, right?

I do.
We’ll set up a match when we have enough players.

I just started getting back into Starcraft…it is such a good game!
I might try and join you too…but I’m 6 hours ahead of NY, so it might not work.

How’s Warcraft 3? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


I’m not in NY. I’m Idaho! :wink:

Actually I’m in BC.

Tom, I’m all about WC3. My screenname is Thewalrusami. Hit me up for a game sometime. (Right now, I haven’t been playing much, because I got into the Beta test for the expansion, so I’ve been playing that). But I will again, soon.

I’m up for it, though not this week; I’ve got way too much going on.

I’d play. Definitely. bw or sc?

Ack, I’ll have to pick up Brood War, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway. But I’m in.


I’d love to but I can’t get SC to work after installing WinXP. :frowning:

Is Warcraft III worth buying? That is much newer so I am sure that XP can run it.

WarCraft 3 is a pretty good singleplayer, typical multiplayer.

Debaser, there’s a fix somewhere around here for that.

So is someone going to set up a channel on for this?

What’s to set up? Aslan2’s the captain of the get-together, he schedules a time, we meet and play. We could meet in channel SDMB but unless battlenet has changed radically in the last few months nothing would need to be done ahead of time.

Count me in for some Broodwar. It’ll have to be on a weekend night though. I cant afford to do it durring the week.

All will succome to my mass Mutalysk attack!

I think I’m gonna have to uninstall broodwar.
My computer is acting funny and in desperate need of more disk space.