Stargate Atlantis

I know that there might be another Stargate Atlantis-ish type thread out there, but this one is specifically focused towards the poor POOR acting in this show.
It pains me to watch Dr. Weir along with teh majority of the remaining cast week after week after week. (its been only 3 weeks right??)
Other than the Canadian and the Irish Doctor, I think I could do a better job acting (and that isn’t saying much). WHy would they pick such poor poor actors.
As a side note…is the 2nd army dude the guy that was a MUch Music VJ???
Man…musta been slim pickins

Anyways…any comments??

The whiny scientist guy (the one who’s always getting hyper, who had the shield glued to him a few weeks ago) was a bit character in a couple of SG1 episodes. Continuity!

Here’s as good a place as any to ask:

What’s the premise of the two Stargate shows? I’m asking as someone who didn’t see the movie and hasn’t seen either show.

Yeh I was actually flipping through the channels the other night and bingo, one of the episodes that he is in. He was a bit more of an a$$hole in the Sg-1 episodes :P, very cocky.

Oh man, this could take a bit. But the basic BASIC (and I mean basic) premise is that a Stargate was discoverd in Egypt in the early 1900’s. It took them close to 2000 to learn how to use it.
they use it, start travelling through it (the different gates spread throughout teh galaxy are connected via wormholes) and were built by the “Ancients”. They discover nasty bad guys called the G’oulds who want to enslave anyone.
so that is a basic and probably a very Poor outline of Sg-1

As for Atlantis, this show starts at teh end of season 7 of Stargate Sg-1 where they discover Atlantis. So naturally they branch the two off, devoting one whole show to teh Atlantis team (who as I have mentioned…have very poor actors for the most part). They encounter a new threat called the Wraiths, yadiyada, fight them…and so on.

All in all…awesome story lines though…I love this stuff

That probably confused you to hell, but maybe someone with a bit more time can give you a better rundown :smiley:

I can’t say that the acting has bothered me much, although they seem to be trying a bit too hard to breed conflict where none needs to exist.

I’m not sure that the characters ring completely true – Dr. Weir doesn’t quite cut it as the hardnose administrator/governor. And I sure wouldn’t take hyperventilating engineer guy on an away mission.

And who’s the big black guy with the bric-a-brac on his forehead?

Is it Atlantis in the past? Or on another planet? Can the Stargates take you through time as well as space?

T’eelc is a Gifar – a former high-ranking slave of a Goa’uld who decided that the humans stood a decent chance of fighting them.

Atlantis is in the current time, assuming that means anything given that it is physically located in a galaxy far, far away.

The Stargate can be used to travel in time under certain circumstances, although fortunately they haven’t mined that particular plot device as extensively as, say, Star Trek. Everything becomes sort of futile if you allow unrestricted time travel.

Actually Teal’c is a Jaffa. :wink:

There’s a book, by New Age archeologist Graham Hancock, called “Chariots of the Gods” that says “The pyramids were built by aliens who the ancient Egyptians worshiped as gods.” Some people figured, “Hey, this is a great idea for a movie”, and so they made one.

The movie they made was called “Stargate”. In it, a Graham Hancockish Egyptologist named Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is called in by the military to decypher this giant metal circle covered with hieroglyphics that the US government uncovered. Jackson discovers that the circle is called a “Stargate”, a device to travel to another planet, and he manages to get it working. So, he and military team, led by Col. Jack O’Neil, go through the stargate to a desert planet inhabited by what appear to be ancient Egyptians. There, they find out that the god Ra was really an alien who came to earth and took the form of a boy, and ruled ancient Egypt, until the people of Egpyt rose up against him. He then used the Stargate, to retreat, along with his followers, to this planet. Unfortunately, Ra is still around, and he wants to take over Earth. Fortunately, Col. O’Neil manages to blow up Ra with a nuclear bomb, the people on the desert planet are set free, Dr. Jackson, who fell in love with a girl there, stays with them, and Col. O’Neil gets his team home.

Ok, so the people who make TV series out of movies saw this, and said, “I bet we can make a TV series out of this”, and they did. The TV series takes place a few years after the movie ends. In it, we find out that Ra wasn’t the only evil alien to take the form of a god, but all the old Egyptian gods were really evil aliens (as were the gods in most other mythologies). It turns out, according to the TV series, they’re a race of evil parasitic eels or something, called the Goa’uld. Adult Goa’uld live in people’s brains and take over their minds, which gives the Goa’uld benefits like opposable thumbs. Baby Goa’uld live in the abdomens of humans the Goa’uld have picked to be their slave soldiers, making the soldiers stronger and more resilient. They also find out that the Stargate doesn’t just go to the planet they went to in the movies, but all sorts of planets. So, in the TV show, Col. O’Neil, Dr. Jackson, another airforce officer named Major Samantha Carter, and this rebel Goa’uld slave soldier go accross the galaxy in the Stargates, fighting the Goa’uld and other bad things that want to take over earth.

After about 7 seasons of this, the creators figured they could get away with trying a sequel/companion series, and that’s Stargate:Atlantis. The setup there is that the original inhabitants of Earth, who lived in the city of Atlantis, somehow became a higher form of life…they “ascended” and became the “Ancients”. But then they were forced to leave earth, and take their city with them, because they were fleeing some sort of alien threat. So, they took their city to another galaxy. Just recently, though, one of the Stargate teams (not the main one), just found a way to get to Atlantis, in the other galaxy, and now they’re stuck there. They’ve got to explore the secrets of the Ancients and fight against the alien threat (that made the Ancients leave), plus find a way to get home.

Meh. The bad guys use something that looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics. So I imagine you can translate it into English spelling anyway you want.
(And I’m too lazy to go to the Stargate website and get the real spellings.)

Chariots of the Gods? was written by Erich von Däniken, who precedes Graham Hancock by many years (and is, if anything, even more of a loon). Let’s try and keep these dingbats straight, chaps …

My bad. I meant van Daniken, said Hancock.

I didn’t think the acting was that bad. I like Weir, she’s a badass. But that’s just my opinion.

I still prefer the original show though.

Fiver - you may find a good deal of overview and such in this thread on both series:

In my opinion, they should have kept the Blonde Weir that appeared at the end of season 7, at least she can act :smiley:

I am not terribly impressed by the episodes I’ve seen so far.
They are essentially recreating the same characters “with a twist!” from
SG-1. Booo.

The wraith are Drow/Vampires from Heck and Beyond… What? Whatever…

Without the perfect interplay between the original four, the show will be a pale comparison of the original. The cast started out too large to get a real sense of who these people are. We know about 20 characters and stories from the get go. We need to get beyond that and settle into either:

  1. A Deep Space Nine like SG-1 show, which could be cool. I always thought an Alpha site show would be interesting.
  2. Actually follow the SG-1 format and start going out into the great beyond. Right now, they are stuck having to make sure to keep the action near Atlantis so that each character gets face time. Either cut that or go to point 1.
  3. I don’t need no stinking three.

Yes, the acting is painful. But compared to how relaxed and set in their grooves SG-1 is, Atlantis certainly needs some time. I’ll give them that time. However, the writers need to get it together.

OK, time to whip out some facts!

Fact #1: Weir is pretty damned good looking.

Fact #2: It was ha-ha funny in a British Imperialist sort of way when she put the smackdown on Oog of the Cavepeople with the whole ‘funeral rites’ bs. The writers could have wussed out and had her pull a Cpt.Janeway-esque ‘lets value everybody blah blah’, but nope. Ol’ Oog was put in his place. Good times for all, except Oog.

Fact #3: Character development will take a while, you know. We are 2 episodes in, give it some time.

Fact #4: Oogette is pretty easy on the eyes as well. Kinda funny that while Oog is still running around wearing furs and crap, she is all decked out in SG gear. Well-fitting SG gear, at that.

Fact #5: The Canadian doc is pretty funny. The Irish doc, no so much.

Fact #6: If the shuttles can’t move with the engine pods retracted, how do they ferry about when in Atlantis?

Fact #7: Fact #6 is probably more of a 'question than a ‘fact’ per se.

Fact #8: Lt.Whatzhisname is pretty good character. Overall, I am confident that the character development will go well, other than for the cave-people. Only so much of the ‘our people howl at the moon’ crap will be tolerated before Weir sends them all to that floating stargate in space.

Her name is Jessica Steen and I have had a huge crush on her ever since the abomination that was Earth 2. I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t keep her on as Weir for Stargate: Atlantis.
However, as Brutus points out about the new actress,


As for her acting, well she’s grown on me over the last two episodes, so I think I’m going to like her.

The reason she is wearing the well-fitting gear is because I believe she is part of Atlantis Team 1 along with Lt whatshisface.