Stargirl Season 2

Things are really picking up now.

  1. Beth finally lays down the law with her parents: “Divorce or don’t divorce, you guys figure it out. I’m going to do my own thing.”

  2. Rick is in jail, but has friend on the outside tossing apples into his cell. Whoever could it be?

  3. Where’s Yolanda?

  4. The JSA building in Civic City is surprisingly well-preserved for being abandoned. Who’s keeping the lights on?

  5. What is with that weird nurse?

  6. Jakeem has discovered the power of the Thunderbolt.

  7. Beth finds out the secret origin of the Shade, who is camped out on the Dugans’ couch.

  8. Anyone surprised that the Shade turned out to be lying about the consequences of reforming the Black Diamond? Anyone at all?

Prediction: Courtney will team up with Cindy Burman in the Shadowlands along with Charles McNider.


  • Green Arrow and Speedy Stop the Spider
  • The Vigilante Retires!
  • The Star-Spangled Kid has Grown Up—Enter Starman!
  • ???
  • The Shining Knight Defeats Deathbolt
  • ???

Each member of the original JSA has their own work-area. The daughter of the Green Lantern is living in the JSA building - in Starman/Stripesy’s room.

Beth’s parents finally noticed that Beth is wearing the goggles that she wore all the time in the first season

I found it amusing that the jail just had bare bars to the outside, and no glass. Hope it doesn’t get too cold there.

I understand that. I was just wondering who is maintaining the seemingly-abandoned building. The floors are clean, there isn’t any dust on anything, the lifts all work, and the lights are functional. At the very least, who’s paying the electric bill?

Secret lairs are always like this! No one sees the night time cleaning crew that came through the Bat Cave either.

Oh, I’m agreeing with you (even the knicknacks are dust-free). I was just pointing out that it was a little odd that the new Green Lantern wasn’t staying in her dad’s room.

Real world: that’s the set they had built.

Fanwank: the rest of the HQ isn’t as miraculously immaculate and intact, and that room was in the best shape. Or possibly it was the only one with a comfy couch in front of a TV where the cable still worked. Plus, staying in her estranged dad’s room might have just seemed too creepy, but staying in Pat’s workroom was just familiar enough for her to feel emotionally comfortable there.

I’ll go with this. That one corner seemed quite homey.

S02E11 Summer School: Chapter Eleven

FACING THE DARKNESS - After a frightening encounter leaves Courtney’s life hanging in the balance, the team band together to determine their next steps.

Kid Eclipso is like an evil baby Yoda. “Give in to your hate! Give in to your anger! Come to the dark side, it’s more fun.”

Is the Shade finally dead? I think the movie he was watching, The Picture of Dorian Gray, has some significance. He’s probably got a picture or totem stashed somewhere, where his true form is hiding. That’s why Green Lantern showed two locations for the Shade.

Hope you’re right about the Shade not being dead. I was looking forward to him exchanging snark with Starman.

I find this whole Eclypso storyline tiresome. It stopped being interesting several shows ago, since the entire concept keeps repeating and repeating and repeating the same situation. Eclypso knows your deepest fears and inadequacies and will tell them to you in great detail and you won’t say “fuck off and die in a fire.” I’d love to see one of the characters say “All right, I get it. You want me to think I’m a terrible person. Why should I give a fuck what you think about me?”

Yeah. I thought Stargirl was about at that point - “What do I think of you, Ecypso? You bore me. Bye.”

Also, what ever happened to the “summer school” part of “Stargirl: Summer School”. As far as I can see, she - and the other JSA-lite - haven’t gone to class, studied, or taken tests. I thought it was VERY cool when they made the point of “You know, if you study and do the homework, this learning stuff is pretty easy and interesting”.

Then again, I’m probably thinking too much. ::sigh::

That kid’s a good actor for his age.

Courtney and Yolanda were in class quite a bit in the first few episodes. I think they mentioned in the first episode that Rick just didn’t show up for summer school, but I think that had something to do with the one teacher flunking him for “cheating”, and then giving him another test and realizing he hadn’t actually cheated. No one’s mentioned since then that he was supposed to be in summer school. And Beth, of course, a star pupil, was never in summer school in the first place.

IIRC, after Nice Summer School Teacher got driven insane by Eclipso, they had one scene with the principal filling in as the summer school teacher and then…they just kind of didn’t mention summer school again. It’s a significant plot point for the last couple of episodes that Yolanda has cut off all contact with Courtney, and she hasn’t mentioned whether she’s even going to school anymore, so…

Fanwank: It was Independence Day a couple of episodes ago. Maybe the local school district has a mid-summer break the week before and after Independence Day for summer school.