Starship troopers have nothing on Coldfire

Those little space buggers are no match for our Coldie and his zap o matic 3000. Scoring 1500 tickets at Whack-a-mole, our unsung hero is right now battling furiously in the depths below to keep order and peace in a forum that is not even his.

By tomorrow, all we will see is corpses. Tonight though, the battle wages onward. You cannot see it, for coldie is swift with the buttons of the Starship Moderator.

I salute your galant effort, Coldfire. May the Schwartz be with you.

Thanks, Ender. Jesus, what a piss-poor way to spend the monday evening. It’s 4 am here now, and I’m going to bed, if you guys don’t mind.

Remind me never to help my Pit Colleagues out again. :wink:

[sub]Just kidding. I’d do it in a heartbeat, as they would too if they knew MPSIMS was understaffed.[/sub]

It’s a tiring and frustrating hobby at times. I’m glad to see that you people appreciate it. And word just got in from Lynn: problem solved.

G’night. :smiley:

Our very own steely-eyed missel man!


I’t getting really hot in the pit. Pitmeister vs. Coldfire. Coldfire is more fire right now.

And PitMeister is toast.
Just another sufferer of self-inflicted premature incineration.


Veb, that was poetry. (I’d put a smilie here but I’m trying to cut back)

And **Coldfire[/b} simply rocks!

Damned code!

[a thousand apologies, oh Great One)

I sincerely hope you’re referring to Cecil when you’re using terminology like that, Arden - I most certainly do not qualify as “Great One” around these parts. Just a blue collar worker, in a way. A bit like a garbage man, sometimes. :wink:

According to my handbook, Cecil is Fearless Leader, so I think Great One is appropriate. :slight_smile: