Faster than a speeding moderator - a tribute to coldy

I don’t know how you do it Coldy, but I raise my glass to you for being able to moderate Pit Meister’s posts faster than we can read them.

Don’t feel too bad about banning him, he’s an already established poster over at Socks.

And this here forum ain’t even my jurisdiction. :wink:

(I suppose that warrants a Pit Thread as well. Not only am I an oppressive Nazi Mod, I also am so outside of my own forum!)

Thanks, reprise. All in a days work, as they say. Some days are more enjoyable than others, though.

Coldy, if we ever meet, I will buy you a keg of any beer you want.

[Wayne & Garth]We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy![/Wayne and Garth]

but yeah- right up there with Val Kilmer in “Tombstone”

I love you, Coldfire. :slight_smile:

Something tells me that anyone who has ever posted at has more than one username.

That’s our Coldie: one shot, one kill. Fighting ignorance in the name of Truth, Justice, and giving Lynn, John, and Alphagene double takes when they open the Pit in the morning! :slight_smile:

Well sure, anybody looks good compared to the poster[s] prompting this thread. Personally, I like Coldfire just for his impeccable taste in music. :slight_smile:

If I’m ever in Holland again or you’re ever in Texas, the beverages are on me.

Wow. I do laundry and have dinner and saunter back in here and OH MY GOD!!!

Kinda like what you’ve done to the place. Good work Coldfire, way to watch the boards.
[sub]inor, my love for you increases. I love Tombstone. I love Val Kilmer.[/sub]

::Blushing fiercely:: (MC- don’t do that

too often <evil smiley face>)
Coldfire? I ain’t bitching, kinda wistful, more like it. I wish you would have left my thread up a little longer- I was sooo proud- it even started with one of the lamest op’s imaginable.
little one :snort, hee hee hee:

:sigh: first pit thread with my name on it. God, it was great.

inor, I’d lick you but this isn’t chat and I worry daily when Alpha will tire of me and kick my silly butt back to MPSIMS where it belongs. (Can posters be banned from a single forum? “Medea’s Child is no longer allowed in the Pit because she is too pointless and mundane…she is now limited to MPSIMS and will be allowed to vacation in IMHO”)

Actually, seeing that Coldie is protecting the boards, maybe I’ll get booted home sooner than I thought. He’s damn good. (I swore, can I stay a little longer, please?)
Still, inor you make me laugh and I really, really like that.



Would His Greatness like his altar facing East or West?

What is your favorite form of sacrificial tribute?

Arden, it’s probably safe to say he favors the sacrificing of young, attractive virgins. Send 'em over to his place; I here he likes to perform these little ‘ceremonies’ himself. :wink:

::offers herself up to Coldfire as a young, moderately-attractive “virgin”::