Start a false rumor!

Did you know that SDMB has a deal with charter cable?

Posters using Charter cable get no ads and free membership and Charter member user status. Which amoung other things includes the ability to set your own and see other people’s display pictures.

China has the crash-landed UFO that everybody thinks is at Area 51. They also managed to nurse one of the pilots back to health and brokered a deal with him to be the earth’s governors when the rest of the fleet arrive to rut with our women and drink our RC Cola.

Basically, this is why China gets away with so much shit without any serious repercussions from the Russians, the Indians, or the West. Every time some diplomat says, “We’re getting really tired of this …” they say, “Aliens coming. You want it to go hard or easy for you?”

Edit: sorry, that’s really more appropriate for the “start a crazy-ass conspiracy theory” thread.

The Lego Group has signed a cross-licensing deal with AutoDesk Inc. to include Lego building blocks as basic elements in AutoCAD’s design library. In return, Lego gets to use AutoCAD’s design techniques in their website and products.

This explains a lot about the look of buildings designed within the last ten years.

Britney Spears has AIDS and yet she still got pregnant again. Her family is staunchly pro-life yet the risks were too high for the baby. They paid for research for a solution and found that her sister, Jamie Lynn, could carry the baby to term safely. Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend was set up as the fall guy. It turns out that Britney doesn’t really have AIDS. She faked it because she has gotten tired of custody battles and still really likes to party.

Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to oppose the California ban on Gay Marriage because Angelina has secretly married Jennifer Aniston and they let him watch.

I have it on very good authority that John McCain is going to be elected President.

I heard that Cecil Adams is the love child of George Burns and Raquel Welch.

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were caught together in a bathroom stall at the Minnepolis airport right after the Republican National Convention. When contacted for a comment, former Pres. Bill Clinton shouted, “Free at last, free at last! By God, I’m free at last!”

Warhammer Online has acquired the acronym of WAR rather than WO or WHO because it is actually a covert communication system being used by members of the US Armed Forces to coordinate attacks and reconnaissance missions.

G.W. Bush turned down a Rhodes scholarship because there was a kegger that night.

Oh, wait…

A few trivial facts you may not know:

Tony Orlando was born in Houston, Texas, and Whitney Houston was born in Orlando, Florida.

There are more left-handed people than right-handed people in the southern hemisphere.

Vasco de Gama was notorious for playing and inventing games. The Game Manufacturer’s Association was his brainchild, and bears his name.

Sarah Palin was born a man and worked as a lumberjack before the operations. She kept having to change colleges because students and faculty were upset at finding a man living as a woman on campus.

Before her operations, she had her sperm frozen. She is the genetic father of her children via donor eggs. Her last child was carried by her oldest daughrter.

I hear tdn raises goats in his apartment.

Not true. I use my levitation powers for entirely different purposes.

I have it on good authority that he already has.

Trig Palin is Bristol’s child, not Sarah’s.



Scientists have determined that the earth is rotating slower. Days have been shortening at the rate of about 1 second per year for the past 10 years.

This anomaly has been determined to be man-made and due to the increasing prevalance of wind farms. This alternative energy source is causing increasing"drag" on the jet stream. Scientists maintain that if wind farms continue to be built at their current rate, we will have a 23.5 hour day by 2050.

The effects on the environment on the shortened day are as yet unknown but most certainly catastrophic, according to a panel of unnamed prominent scientists.

Please, forgive me, for I have sinned. I’ve been stringing the human race along ever since that awful moment 31 years ago. Yep, I’m Elvis. And I got a sex change.

I also dyed my hair.

Patently false. I was there and I distinctly heard him say, “Can’t wait to get home and watch that on the big screen!”

Free posting is to be abolished as of 1st October 2008 :eek:… I only wish this was a rumour… :smiley: