START, get a LiveJournal.

I don’t know if your latest story is true or not. All I know is, I’m sick of hearing this crap. You’re either an idiot with no impulse control who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, or we are all being played. Either way, get a LiveJournal and shut the fuck up on the boards.

Chalk one up for “we’re all being played.”

Your point is well made, but I hope he waits just a little longer. I am waiting breathlessly to find out if she wears pajama pants to school.

Heh, only an old schooler could get that joke! Thanks for the best chuckle I’ve had all day!

I also agree with the “we’re being played” sentiment.

I dunno; it could be either one. Put it this way: I don’t think dare_devil007 is lying when she posts about her drama-queen friends. And START seems to have the same pattern as dare_devil’s friends of making high drama out of simple non-crises, and being unable to see that he’s in a hole and therefore ceasing to dig.

So there are people like that, and all this could be true. What I’m getting at is, if it is true, he’s got a lot of growing up to do, and he shouldn’t be doing it on other posters’ time. Or it could be a work. Either way, he’s a total putz.

You really couldn’t wait a dozen minutes more so I could be the first to make this comment?
Actually, I intended to state that unfortunately, if his stories aren’t true, they’re not on par with the pajama pants story…
However, they’re still much more believable…

The big difference that I see is that dare_devil007’s posts don’t follow a formulaic pattern like START’s. His practically follow a template.

See through white ones without panties? Every day to class? With little hairs hanging down the back of her neck?

Dear Og, the fire of a thousand white-hot suns cannot get that crap out of my brain. It hurtsss the preciousss.

Another one.

I think Rilchiam was drawing a comparison more with dare_devil007_'s friends – not with dare_devil herself (who comes across in her posts as much more mature than the friends she is writing about)…

You wanna let me in on the joke? Is this an American thing?

Yes, that is what I meant. dare_devil’s posts are proof that there’s no shortage of teenagers who don’t think before they act or speak, and do so jerkishly or idiotically. The difference is, d_d is not the one doing all these things; she’s just witnessing them, and she comes on the boards to let off steam about it.

Whereas START’s credibility has become stretched pretty thin with this endlessly repeating pattern. And this current post breaks down twice. First when he gets into a shouting match in the parking lot with a guy, then ends up “sitting with him in his Mom’s car”. Riiiiight. Second is when he says that after Laura was all traumatized from getting water dumped on her, they “walked and got to know each other even more”.

His ignoring her at the party where he knew people didn’t like her fits the pattern of stupidity that he’s already established. But her wanting to make out with him afterwards just sounds like bad creative writing done in study hall twenty minutes before it’s due. “How do I wrap this up? Well, I’ll just skip to the part where we START kissing, and leave a wink at the end, so people know there’ll be another chapter.”

So some of the behavior he described is credible. But not all of it, and not in the chronology that he describes it, and not as often as posts about it. And he’s been told, repeatedly, “You shouldn’t do that to people,” and he goes away for a week or so, then comes back to say, “I was a putz again, let me tell you about it.”

He might not be making everything up. He could be embellishing stuff, like there really is a Laura, but there wasn’t any party. And he could just be getting off on the attention. I_D_B_B, anyone?

Here and here.

START isn’t in a hole, he is the hole, and has a donkey for company.

No, it’s a reference to a long-ago poster (banned, I’m sure Lo these many moons) who wrote a long post (possibly several, the memory is foggy) about his adventures with Pajama Pants Girl (you might find the old threads by searching that.) Well, long story short, the whole saga was an elaborate fiction and well-meaning posters felt quite had.

No, he wasn’t banned. And he never admitted that the story was fiction. He merely slunk away after people deconstructed it. Anyway, I posted the links if anyone wants to check them out.

There was a poster called Skewbald quite some time ago who posted these long mawkish screeds about a highschool crush that he supposedly had. At first, it seemed ok and everyone was eating them up but as time went on more and more folks started to have their bullshit detector go off. I think that the original may have been lost in the Winter of Lost Content, but here is an example that I found.

Also, it would seem that I am an Old Schooler now :eek:

I can’t believe that no one has mentioned this thread.

OK, sorry, I misunderstood - because I agree with you 100% about dare_devil. (My daughter is dare_devil’s age, and in my experience, d_d’s posts ring true.)

START’s posts, however, don’t. And they haven’t for a long time. Actually, his posts nearly always prove to be pretty devisive - some Dopers call bullshit on him while others help fend off the “attacks” and throw an arm around his shoulder to offer sincere advice; not only that, but START’s OPs seem deliberately written to elicit exactly that type of response.

Maybe I’m full of shit, or maybe I’m reading more into them than what’s actually there. Maybe not.

Lucky #13, mine, and clairobscur’s all did…