Laura and START

I wrote this out a few times and every time I did it came out really long so if it seems like I am leaving out any important details just ask me and I will clarify. I think that with what has happened since my **“Do I have to take Shit” ** thread is so unexpected needs an update. Sorry for the people that wanted me to E-mail them but I didn’t that’s just because I didn’t have access to the internet for a while but I did read all the replies. Anyway if you’re going to comment then read the whole thing because I think it ends up going well.

I walked into the sliding glass door in my house in front of Laura and she decided to make fun of me long after it stopped being funny in my opinion. I told her to get out of my house and go home but my dad didn’t like that I had said that and chewed me out in front of Laura :frowning: and to add insult to injury made me tell her that she was “welcome any time” which as far as I was concerned was a lie.

A few days later I meet this guy named “Connor” who was about 16 years old in a Target parking lot while my family was shopping, he was blasting his music extra loud while sitting in his Mom’s car and I happened to like it. We yelled back and forth for a while between cars and eventually I was sitting with him in his Mom’s car until his Mom returned.

While we waited in the car I found out that Connor goes to the same school as Laura and I asked if he knew her, he did but did not have anything even remotely flattering to say about her and because I was still upset about the other day I just listened and laughed.

When Connor and I had finally left each other I realized that I did not know how to contact him and I was disappointed that I had made a friend but might not see him again any time soon.

A day or so later Laura came to my house but without her cousin and when I heard her I left out of the back door. Laura still saw me leaving and called my name but I put on some headphones (which in reality didn’t work very well) and acted like I couldn’t hear her.

I walked for about 6 blocks and came up on this garage that was opened and hanging out inside and outside were about 25- 30 teenaged guys and girls. I walked by a little slower to see what was going and Connor happened to be there and recognized me. I got introduced to everybody and found out that they didn’t like Laura either. I hung out for a short while and then walked back home.

When I got home Laura was still there and asked if she could please talk to me in private and because my Dad was there I said “sure”. When we were alone she said that she needed to apologize to me because she took things to far. She kept saying that I had to accept her apology and I said “If I don’t are you going to curse me?

Laura said that she was so sorry for saying things about the curse and that she never tried to curse me or my brother. She asked how my brother died and I told her and then she cried. Then* I* ended up comforting *her * and we talked for almost a long time about anything and everything. She told me how she felt coming to school everyday in Junior High she said that she would vomit some mornings before leaving the house. Laura also said that I was pretty mean but by far I wasn’t the meanest and that she saw some of the people that used to tease her and they were still jerks and she thought I might still be a jerk so she decided to act like a bitch towards me.

I made a remark that at least she was popular but she scoffed at it and said popular girls don’t hang out with 10 year olds.

Laura didn’t want me to apologize instead she had an idea she said let’s introduce ourselves like we never met because we are better people now. So we did and then Laura and I were “friends” so the next day when I went to Connor’s house and everybody was rippin’ Laura I wasn’t enjoying it like I was before and I kept trying to change the subject, it didn’t work.

Connor invited me to a party and said I could bring anybody and I told him I wanted to bring Laura but I didn’t want people to act like assholes and Connor was like; “it’s cool, it’s cool.”

I asked Laura to go to this party with me and she said it was fine if I wanted to go but she didn’t want to come because she didn’t like Connor. I told her that I talked to Connor and I ended up persuading her to come with me.

When we got into the party it was already in full swing, lots of people were there and I had second thoughts about bringing Laura because I heard people saying “Oh my God, Laura is here” but not in a good way. I told her that if she wants to leave I would leave too but she didn’t want to leave and it seemed like she found some people she was friendly with so I played video games with other guests and she was in the back with some girls.

The girls dropped a bucket of pigs blood on Laura and the shit hit the fan… no actually they dropped something on her but it wasn’t blood I think it was Water because she came out of the back room with her hair soaked and she was crying and left. I got up to see what was going on and caught up with her outside and we walked home together. She kept telling me that I should go back to the party because she said that she knew I wanted to be there. I didn’t go back we just walked and got to know each other even more.

I told Laura since it was only like 930pm that we should go the park and that’s when it happened we talked for a while and I have never met a girl that was as much fun to talk to as Laura. We ended up kissing each other (no tongues) and I just realized that I really like her a lot and I want to ask her out on a date but I don’t know what is going to happen. :wink:

What exactly are you looking for an opinion about? :confused:

'cuz I got one but you’re in the wrong forum.

I don’t know that I entirely believe this story, but if it’s the God’s Honest Truth:

What in the world were you thinking bringing her to a party you knew would be filled with kids who disdain this girl, and what kind of fucked of people do you make friends with? I think you need some serious work on your decision-making skills.

Ooops your right, I am in the wrong forum, this was going to be my weird thread about “Would you pee in your bosses office if you were locked in?”

Well what’s your opinion?

It’s the truth but with some details left out because it was just to darn long and I wanted to shorten it.

I don’t talk to those people anymore, honestly :slight_smile: .

Wow, like Carrie, Sixteen Candles, and Dirty Dancin’ all rolled into one post.
“Nobody puts Laura in a corner!”


I’m getting a “Pretty In Pink” sub-plot in there too.

Add a couple of goofy non-conformist supporting characters and send it to John Hughes.

I think I’ve seen that movie. I mean, interesting outcome.

You’re all class, mate.

How about instead of trying to ‘change the subject’, you could have told them to leave her alone since she was actually a nice girl.

How about if you liked her, instead of taking her to a party with a whole lot of people who had been ‘rippin’ her, take her to a movie or something instead?

How about instead of leaving her alone at this party with lots of people who didn’t like her, you kept hanging near her to keep an eye on her?

Honestly, what did you think was going to happen? And then you have the gall afterwards (after showing all you did to care) to put the moves on her. Yep, a real charmer. Grow up.

Ohh, can I add Some Kind of Wonderful to the movie lineup?

I’m starting to think START’s entire “life” might be made-up, just to get a rise out of people on here.

Since you asked, it’s my opinion that you should get a Live Journal account and post your meaningless crap over there so you can stop wasting SDMB bandwidth.

Including the dead brother?

FWIW, I think START is legit. I get a certain “reality” vibe which means he’s either telling the truth, OR he’s got a superb imagination. In either case, it doesn’t bother me – at least he’s not trolling for sympathy. And while his life may seem like soap opera, but I’ve known people whose lives were even zanier and harder to believe. Oh, and speaking of 80’s teen comedies…

When I was about START’s age, I lent a girl two dollars at the video arcade. She promised to pay me back but never did, and I pestered her about it endlessly. Not stalkerish or anything, but like every time I’d pass her in the hall, I’d say, “So do you have my two dollars yet?” This went on for over a year…yeah, I can still be that tenacious…until I gave up on the whole thing and stopped speaking to her. Well – a few years later, out of the blue, she walks up to me and gives me TWO DOLLARS!!! With a big nervous grin on her face. I swear to Og this really happened…

…y’know, now that I think about it, maybe she had just seen that movie that I’m sure you all are assuming I stole this story from. :stuck_out_tongue: The timeline does fit.

Pig’s blood that turned out to be water? :confused: Why didn’t you just say water then? :confused: Where do you live such that water even looks like pig’s blood? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Which age would that be, the one he told everyone was when he first got here, or the one he claims to be now?

Just wondering.

Ditto on the livejournal suggestion. They’re free.

He was making an allusion to Carrie. And it was kinda funny IMHO.

START, I’m glad you made nicey-nice with Laura. I can see how taking her along to the party sounded like a virtuous, nice thing to do, but in retrospect you now see that it wasn’t. If your life was a movie, you would have brought Laura to the party, she would have shown everyone how cool she was, and by the end of the night everyone would be doing the “We love Laura” dance. But real life doesn’t work that way. People don’t transform like that, and it was kind of unfair to subject your new friend to an environment where she already knew she wouldn’t be liked.

As for asking her out on a date, go for it. Take it slow, keep her away from Connor and his friends, but I don’t see why romance can’t spring out of this.

Oh, did it change? I must admit, the only threads I’ve followed are those involving sex, nudity, or death (which basically sums up my SDMB browsing habits.)

I, on the other hand, am beginning to get a certain “someone is yanking my chain” vibe from START. And if he’s not trolling for sympathy, he is certainly trolling for attention, bigtime. I don’t care what age he is, if he’s gonna post on a largely adult board, he should acquire some adult characteristics, and so far I haven’t noticed many.

You beat me to it.

Either that or he’s just a fucking idiot.

Oh, I don’t particularly care what age he IS either. I started here when I was 16 or 17 and had no problems whatsoever (I’m sure I even had an inane thread or three). I’d even say that this place has had a huge (positive) impact on me in my final years of highschool and into college. So be sure: The age thing isn’t the problem.

The inconsistencies are. I don’t like liars, whatever their age.

Holy shit, where can I see pig’s blood that turns to water? Lying sack of shit.