Starting Walking Dead S4--Help me remember some stuff?

I put on episode 1 of season 4 of The Walking Dead, thinking I had seen all the prior episodes. But I saw a bunch of people I didn’t recognize, in the prison alongside the characters I am familiar with. So, I thought, maybe I was misremembering and did not actually finish S3. So I put on the last episode of S3, and in fact I have seen that episode, judging from my clear recollection of its ending.

So I’ve probably just forgotten some things that happened during the course of S3. Can you help me out? Who are all these non-original-characters living with them in the prison? There’s like, a hispanic lady, and a white dude. Probably others. They’re seen near the beginning of S4E1 killing zombies at the fence. Who are they?

From what I can remember, those are probably new people that came to the prison from The Governors community at Woodbury. They came over in a bus at the very end of the season 3 finale and now some time has passed and they are now in the group. Most of them don’t last very long, from what I can remember.

I believe the white guy was one of the prisoners they found when they got there. Maybe the Hispanic lady is a refugee from the Governors town?

And there’s kids too.

I bet these are people from the governor’s town. I’d forgotten about that.

To tell the truth this show is casual “corner of eye while working on stuff” viewing so I probably just missed the whole bus thing before.

In the end of Season 3, what was left of Woodbury came to live at the prison. Those people are supposed to be unfamiliar to the audience at that point so you are good.

There are also some people Daryl brought in from his scouting/food runs.