Stay safe in NE Kansas

That big storm we’ve been hearing about for days is finally here. I haven’t seen snow coming down like this in YEARS, and it’s supposed to last all day.

At 5:00AM I arrived at work, I’m a baker like my name. It wasn’t snowing then. About a half hour later I looked out and saw a little coming down, then just before 6:00 I got a call from my manager. The library the cafe I work for is located in had just decided to close. I had to stay a little longer because I had to finish up the things I’d already begun to work on, but when I went outside to leave, oh my.

I’ts said we could get a foot of snow, and at this rate I believe it.

Please, you don’t have to be anywhere bad enough to go out in this voluntarily. Stay inside, stay warm and safe

I sure am glad my dog is trained to use puppy pads.:stuck_out_tongue:

So, and other Kansans care to check in?

Looking at a weather map, most of Kansas is covered in pink or blue. I think you’re having twins.

I’m at work right now. My wife thinks I should have stayed home and worked from home, but I’m under a tight deadline at work and if I lost power or cable at home, I’d be screwed. At least at work we have generators if the power goes out. So I’m just going to hunker down and hope for the best.

Most of my friends and I are off work today. We’re trying to decide whether to get together and play some board games.

Since the distance is only about 12 blocks and there are old-school Jeeps with knobby tires involved, it’ll probably happen. Coffee is being negotiated as I type this…

Fingers crossed that we avoid wide-spread power outages.

Y’all stay safe!

All good here in Lawrence! Enjoying hanging out with the family at home. The main storm will start to taper off in an hour (noon). Then I’ll slap on the x-c skis and ski a few blocks down to Wheatfield’s for some soup. Make a snowman with Li’l Map, maybe a bit of sledding down mighty* Mt. Oread…

I just hope this won’t affect Talib Kweli’s plans to get here – he’s due to perform at the Granada tomorrow night.


Nummy. So what’s “a few block” for you? Wheatfield’s is 11 blocks from where I sit in OWL.

Hi, neighbor!


Oh, I envy you getting to Wheatfield’s. I love their breads, especially the kalamata olive bread.

The snow has tapered off but the news says we may still get some more later. I think I’ll go out and spread some seed for the birds.

Right on. Heard lots of chickadees and cardinals around here last week, and a few woodpeckers.

We’re around 7th and Indiana…one of the smallest houses in OWL, but what a great neighborhood, huh?

I’m not in Kansas, but I’m just to the north, in Nebraska.

It is actively snowing right now. They are predicting 8-12 inches. Since this is our first major snowfall in awhile, it’s kind of a big deal. The news has been talking about it all week!

Be careful out there in the Central US. :slight_smile:

Can I hope that all the snow causes the WBC roof to fail? Let’s see Phred spin his way out of that one!

Snow’s stopped here in the suburbs south of KC. People sledding outside my mighty* slope in front of my home. Stuck on conference calls all afternoon at home.
(*not. Heck, the nearest place with any elevation is in Missouri. Gah.)

I wound up leaving work at noon. Got caught up on some things I was working on, noticed that the snow had eased up, and decided to get while the getting was good. I had a little trouble getting out of my parking spot at work, since my car was surrounded by about a foot and a half of drifting snow, but once I got moving I was OK - until I got home and got stuck pulling into the driveway.

Then I found out my wife had gone out earlier to pick up our granddaughter who had gotten stranded, so we had to go back out again so we could take her home before the next round of snow starts up. The side streets haven’t been touched but the main streets aren’t too bad.

I didn’t realize we had so many Lawrence area Dopers! We should get together sometime (when the weather is nicer) for a mini Dope Fest.

Right on! But let’s make it before July. After that, after nine years, I’ll be living somewhere else. (Don’t know where yet, though.)

BTW, just found out that Talib Kweli indeed was forced to postpone his show. The town should be working fine by tomorrow evening, but I guess he was scheduled to fly in today or something.

There are some decent hills by the river- my aunt and uncle live in Leavenworth, and that sledding hill sure seemed high* when I was a boy and went to visit.

*grew up in Houston, which is as flat as flat gets, and has seen snow something like 2-3 times in my 40 years.

Baker – I forgot to thank you. By coincidence, just this past weekend my wife, toddler son, and I finally enjoyed breakfast at Bradley’s Cafe, in north Topeka, based on your advice in this thread from almost two years ago. It was great! We ordered a pie for our little Oscars party this weekend…I’ll drive over and pick it up as soon as the roads are clear enough tomorrow (or maybe Saturday morning).

I’m glad you liked Bradley’s. I haven’t been there in a while since I’m on a serious diet, but sometime after Easter I will, when I can eat meat again!:smiley:

Like I said in the other thread, how about a Dopefest?

If anyone needs a place to stay I can take a couple, or I’m sure my folks would let a couple use the guest room.

And I agree, lets make it before summer. It gets so damned hot.

Are there any dates that are absolutely not possible?

Shoot, I just looked outside and it’s snowing again, lightly.

I was worried about the Kansas Silent Film Festival, which starts tomorrow evening. It appears it will go on as scheduled. Yay!

It took me a moment to figure out what you had against the World Baseball Classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Kansas City, and shoveled a ton or so of snow off the driveway and front walk.

My apartment here is in the basement of a duplex, and I had to go upstairs and out the back door to shovel out my stairs. The hard part is that the tenants upstairs had already shoveled the back walk, so I had to carry each shovel full up the stairs and dump it in the yard. The 12" of very wet, heavy show down at the bottom of the stairs in front of my door were especially unpleasant…pick up shovelful, walk up stairs, walk over to yard, dump shovel, scrape wet snow off shovel, walk back to stairs, walk down stairs. Repeat a few dozen times.

The North Mississippi Allstars are scheduled tonight at Knuckleheads Saloon. Either he reschedules and loses his shirt, or they play anyway, and he loses his shirt.

Baker, a few days ago it was 116 here in your currency. I think I would swap- and we are supposed to be over summer!

I will admit some of the pictures coming out of your neck of the woods are magnificent.