Steelers Fan Dies, Body Displayed In Natural State

Note to my family members: When it’s my time to go, I’m fine with you doing something similar with my remains if you choose. Just do me one favor? Go light on the Giants’ highlights from the last two seasons, please.

I love it! I’m going to be cremated after donating organs and don’t want a viewing but that is a marvelous idea. If I was going to have a viewing I would want to be in one of my Cottonmouths gamers.

Well that’s one way to get through a Madden broadcast.

I think it’s hilarious.

1950s Playboy cartoon:

Woman in middle of Police Department suspect room, being “grilled” by a set of detectives. Sjhe’s freely confessing:

“I buried his head in the Sports page. He would’ve liked that.”

::Looks at her husband… gets idea…::


I don’t think you’re actually allowed to cause the dead husband, Robin.

My pal at work and myself were just thinking up all sorts of different Viewing opportunities, and having a bit of a laugh:

Masturbating at the computer (or: making rigor mortis do some work for a change)

Eating, with fork halfway lifted and mouth full of food

On the john, reading

Of course, where I’m from, we call this sort of thing “taxidermy.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, no. He hasn’t done anything to piss me off [sub]recently[/sub]. Besides, he’s worth more alive than dead.

I just think it’s never too soon to start making plans, that’s all. :smiley:

::Wanders off, whistling innocently, and wonders if she should include footage from the 1996 Super Bowl, specifically the Missed Throw by He Who Shall Not Be Named::


I wonder how my husband’s family would react at the funeral???

If you ever speak of that travesty of justice ever agin, even in passing, you will pay.

Promise? :wink:


I’m not dead, just changed my handle.

I could just see Airman in a chair in front of his TV, face frozen in a scream, the TV endlessly looping all the Steelers-Ravens games played to this point…

** sneaks up behind Airman… **


There will come a day when all wrongs done to me will be righted. When that day is nigh you will suffer all the pains of hell and eternal damnation for mentioning the name of the AntiChrist, and I will be there laughing my ass off at you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Steelerphan? Is that you?

That’s gonna be a real short funeral.

** Airman**, some of us are happily anticipating your annual submission of the “third annual Steelers March to the Superbowl” thread.

I plan to do a lot of commentating on my favorite team in red.


The challenge, of course, would be for the mortician to get the look on your face just right. Maybe you could be given a choice of expressions: Eternal Bliss, Vacuous Time-Killing, or Surprised Guilt.

I am looking forward to it too, though it was more fun to read it while in Pennsylvania. Oh, and BubbaDog, three words:

Bring it on!!!

(Hey, at least you’re not a Raiders fan.)