Stop Discriminating Against the Childless!

God damn it, it’s Mother’s Day again, and all day at work they were handing out balloons and such to the women at work who had kids. Of course, I was left out of such things for two reasons: 1.) I’m male and 2.) I don’t have any fucking kids!

Jesus Christ, people! Why are you honoring someone who’s only that which is a biological imperative??? Why not honor the folks who consciously choose not to have children for whatever reason? I mean, after all, they’re the ones putting the work into the effort, as assuming there’s no biological impediment for the couple to have kids, then eventually, if they have sex enough times, they’re going to concieve, whereas the folks who don’t have kids, but do have sex, have to actively take steps to prevent conception.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day are all slaps in the face to folks like myself who don’t have kids! We should end this discrimination right now!
(Please note, my tongue is firmly in my cheek and I did call my mother today and wish her well. Both of them.)

Look, bub, when you take into account Christmas and all those presents I have to buy for my kids, I think you’ll find that it’s the people with kids who are being discriminated against.

But I do luv 'em.

Thank dog for that last bit, Tuckerfan.

I was sitting here thinking about how it can only take one dickhead to change people’s perceptions, and how the childfree have come so far in gaining acceptance and here’s an idiot who is going to spoil it.

FTR, I will never be a mother, yet I’m happy to have a day set aside to thank my own mother for certain things.

I think I should adjust my trigger finger, because you definitely had me going then. :slight_smile:

If the childfree knew that by spawning they could be the recipients of the fine, fine Mother’s Day dim sum brunch that I was treated to today, why, by George, they’d be popping those kids out left and right! Mmm, special fungor! Oh, delightful shu mai! Those months of sleepless nights were totally worth it!

(I’m kidding! No, I am! Quit throwing those rocks! Hey, ow!)

Every day is Tuckerfan day!!!

Tuckerfan, I’ve forwarded this little missive of yours to your Mother. You should expect a stern talking to. Oh, and sit up straight, young man!


It’s not the act of conception that’s being honored, dude. It’s the 18 years of hard work and stress that follow after.

Did you call up your mother on Sunday and say “Hey, Mom! Thanks a lot for fucking Dad all those years ago!”?

Or was it something more like “Hey, Mom! Thanks for doing such a great job bringing me up right!”

U ppl w/kids are just plain rude!!! CFers are happy and productive and we shouldnt have ot put up w/ur stupid brats all over the place in our stuff…U pasrents think ur soooo cool but all ur doing is filling up the world with more and more mouths to feed when we cant support that mnay anyway…not to mention holidays and sick days that you have to take because ur little braty kid is got a sniffel or something…WE are the ones who have to take up yuor slack ands work twice as hard b/c ur out of the office…and u always want SPECIAL treatment just for BREEDING just like any stupid animal can do its nothing special u dumbases just breeding like cows…it takes REAL intelligince to use BIRTH CONTROL like a responsible person…ur just JEALOUs anyway b/c we can go out and do what we want to so just take ur holidays and ur anti CF biases and just shove them up ur ass u stoopid ppl!!!

Preach it, brother! And those fucking handicapped people with their special parking spaces, don’t get me started.

Good spot to share a joke:

Babies ought to be raised by us elderly people, because we have to get up every ten minutes throughout the night anyhow.

**Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! ** RUN! Flee for your very sanity! andros has been caught and brainwashed by the trolls!!!

Not to mention getting paid less in the military 'cuz you don’t have dependents and can’t draw housing pay!!

There is a Non-Parents Day, although for the life of me I can’t remember the date. Seems like it was sometime in June or July, but I apparently didn’t write it in my planner last year.

I think any recognition or tribute for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) should come strictly from the children.

Having an employer toss out goodies for Mother’s Day is just wrong.

And some places are even setting aside special parking places for expectant mothers!!! Those bastards!!! :wink:


How come there’s no National ‘Me’ Day?! I need a good excuse to take a day off, buy tools I don’t know how to use, and generally goof off!

Discrimination, I cry!

Everyone knows that Julia Ward Howe originally intended this to be Mothers for Peace Day, right?

A time for everyone to think about how we can bring peace into the world.

Not a time for cheap-ass Hallmark gifts.

(oops. Yes, I called my Mother yesterday, too.)

Yes, and you’d better keep your non-childbearing ass out of them, too! :wink:

Robin the Hormonally-Crazed. Now with huge belly, sore back and swollen ankles! :smiley:

See! This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about! If MsRobyn had insulted me on the color of my skin, Dopers would be rising to my defense, but nooooo, since I ain’t reproduced, no one stands up for me!:wink:

Proof that people who reproduce aren’t necessarily in their right mind! :wink: