Stop yelling at me about flushing the damn urinal!

I’m in a hurry! And besides, some $500 motion detecting computer must not be doing its job If I have to flush the urinal (oh the humanity!)

Sorry, just had to say it, because there are already 2 urinal-flushing pit rants, and even the pit could use a little balance :smiley:

In other words, you’re just a lazy sod who’s not far above the evolutionary sclae than the other lazy sods who can’t be bothered to wash their hands after using the toilet. Heck, you’re standing right in front of the toilet (that is, unless you can manage to get your stream into it from across the room), so you might as well flush when done.

Or maybe you just haven’t figured out that even those automatic flushing toilets & urinals have a button to force flush them. Now you know and have no excuse.

Sorry, just had to say it. :smiley:

I refuse to flush urinals after myself. My urine is a marker; by turing the clear pool into a bright yellow bath, I have claimed it. I know a urinal full of my piss discourages others from using it, that’s the point! If you want to overtake my territory, you’re going to have to work to do so, first by flushing the toilet yourself, then by leaving your own marker (just don’t let me catch you doing it).

I agree with the OP 100%. I’m a busy guy – I can’t be flushing toilets after I use them. Or washing my hands – who has the time for that? Sometimes, I’m so busy I don’t even bother pulling my pants up. Sure, it scares my coworkers when I come lurching out of the restroom with my pants around my ankles, but they understand how busy I am.

Well, gee, Giraffe, thanks for that mental image…


[sub]<note to self - you should know better than to open urinal threads…>[/sub]

This is why it’s bad to share…

You know, it must be really nice to have the kind of time to walk around with your pants pulled up. Clearly, you guys have lives I can only imagine. You probably have all the time in the world to spend flushing, and wiping, and wearing complicated, time-wasting underwear. Not all of us have that luxury. Some of us have work to do.

Sheesh. You guys sound just like my boss.

Damn you, Giraffe.

I just thought I’d pop over to the boards for a second during class break. I wasn’t supposed to laugh so hard I had tears running down my face.

If I’d fallen out of my chair, I’d have had to sue. Really. :wink:

I just piss in the sink.

Now THATS the spirit! :smiley:

I just keep a Gatorade bottle net to the computer, so I never have to get up .[unzip] tinkle tinkle[zip]:o

I don’t even unzip. Uhh, diapers, people. Hello?

I would just like to say I never flush the urinal and I have no intention of dong so in the future.
Of course that may be because I’m a girl n’all, by, hey, I support you, Incubus. Power to the people!

Aw hell, I don’t even use my muscles, I had tubing installed last year. It all drains out automatically.

Mr. Ellis, I was thinking about upgrading to the catheter myself, but getting it installed would mean me getting up…and that’s not going to happen.[unzip]:o

Alright, since so far we have had people fessing up about not flushing, who is going to fess up about leaving the pubes?
And I’m with betenoir! I cannot say that I feel your pain as I am female, but I’ll take a stand with you.
But not too close to those across the room urinators. I’m sure the spash back is something to be wary of.

Hell, I just think about taking a piss, and that’s that.

BTW, the only reason I go near the toilet is to carefully place my pubes on the rim of the bowl, under the seat.

[hijack] One time I opened a comic book and found possibly the longest, reddist pubic hair known to man. I still marvel (pardon the pun) in how it got there.[/hijack]

You bastards keep trying to one up me with your effortless pissing. (shakes fist angrily)

And am I the only one who thought something was horribly wrong with this? Unzip followed by an open mouth?

It depends on what you’re into. sometimes the Gatorade bottle is full, and it has been established that I am not getting up. Sometimes I get thirsty and confused.[unzip]:o :dubious: :rolleyes: :frowning: :eek: :mad: :smack: “That’s not Gatorade!”