Stormy Daniels considering Senate run

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is considering running for a Senate seat in Louisiana. cite

Presumedly, she’ll help the Republican party with that big tent they’ve been trying to erect.

There’s an older article on her possible candidacy here:

I’m actually inclined to respect this candidate. From the above article:

Plenty of “fringe” candidates don’t have enough sense of responsibility to consider that. Daniels has a goal - Vitter out of office - and she’ll do whatever makes the most sense to help accomplish that goal. More power to her.

There is precedent.

If we’re going to be serious about this, I wonder if this is the point of Daniels’ campaign. Her running is almost daring the Vitter campaign to make an issue out of her sexual past. And once that door is open, the anti-Vitter people can jump in and say “Well, we were going to take the high road and leave sex out of this race. But if you want to talk about a candidate’s sex like, how about those diapers?”

I doubt it’s the sole point - call me naive, but I don’t think people normally run for the Senate unless they sincerely believe they can serve the public well. But yah, that’s certainly a perk. :smiley:

Let’s be realistic. Ms Daniels has very little chance of being elected to the Senate. To her credit, she apparently realizes this. So unless she’s just doing this for the personal publicity, she’s acting as a stalking horse.

Ms. Daniels has assisted me several times, though not directly. But it would be nice to have a public official who could not be compromised by a sex scandal.

By the way, check the extras on “The 40 Year Old Virgin” for a very amusing Stormy Daniels scene.

Bumping a zombie thread to let everyone know that Stormy has switched teams.

Stormy Daniels, Porn Star, Joins Republican Party After RNC Bondage Club Outing


Ok, ok, I hadn’t paid much attention to her before now, but now, I officially think she’s very cool. Anyone so smart and with such a fun, smartass sense of humor would make a very refreshing politician.

From the wiki link:

If elected, she would likely retire from the adult industry
That’s my new favorite line from any wiki bio page I’ve ever seen.

Likely retire?

She already seems to have a knack for leaving herself a little wiggle room.

…which, I’m sure, is one of LA’s finest “Gentlemen’s Clubs”.