Straights. Pretty darned awesome, too.

Straight sex is wonderful! The power of the strong-muscled male body, the heat and raw elemental hunger of the erect penis, contrasted with the soft, smooth curves of the taut, luscious female, her nipples swollen with desire and her vagina wet and open, craving the penetration it was made for. The never-exhausted novelty of exploring a body that is so different from your own but is so perfectly designed to accommodate and match your own needs and desires, the gentle but merciless licking of her clitoris, the blazing glory of holding a woman impaled on your raging phallus while she cries out uncontrollably in orgasm after orgasm, satisfying your impulse to dominate and hers to be dominated, driving deep into her in primitive, biological fulfilment…

Sing if you’re glad to be straight!


Have you been reading a lot of Harlequins lately?

Err, rightio…
Get some last night, did you?



I, for one, am glad to be human; imagine if I’d been born a goldfish, or a snail!

The horror!

Sing out if you’re glad to be human!

:confused: Crikey.

Actually, it’s been a while, I think I may have forgotten!

Well, I tried to think of something to sing, and the first song that popped into my head was The Lumberjack Song.


I think I’ll just go and lie down now.

This is not the Penthouse Forum!