Strange UndApants!?

So this deals with a documentary I watched on Netflix - but I don’t think it belongs in Cafe. I hate to admit that this is something that I actually watched but here goes…

Virgin School: “Concerned that his virginity is a problem, a nervous 26-year old enrolls in an intimacy program for sexually inexperienced men.”

A British guy goes to Amsterdam to attend this “school” that is run by 3 ladies that I would guess are in their late 50’s+. It’s very awkward to watch, the poor guy has ZERO experience even with himself and/or porn. So awkward that I watched the whole thing. :smiley:

So here’s my question, maybe someone from across the pond can answer. When he undresses he has on a pair of boxer shorts. He removes them to reveal another pair of very strange underpants. They are white and kind of baggy and balloon-ish. They are gathered at the top of his thighs. Not tighty-whiteys. I’ve never seen anything like them. They’re almost like rubber pants that are put over cloth diapers but made of white cotton. What are they?!!! :confused:

Might explain why he’s a virgin. :wink:

Searched, but drew a blank. A link to a picture would help immensely.

Might he be a member of the LDS Church?

Sounds like magic underpants.

I thought of that but they never mentioned that he was Mormon.

Did they mention anyone else’s religion?

Also, my understanding is that the LDS “temple garment” doesn’t just cover from the waist down; it has a top to it, as well. That said, what you described does sound like it could be the bottom half of it.

They’re just ill-fitting tightey-whiteys.

Here’s a screen shot. NSFW I guess, it’s a dude bending over in his underwear.


Regardless, it sounds like the guy wears underwear under his underwear. Wow.

Yep! That’s them. Very odd…

No, but I would think that being that he’s having sexual issues they might mention his religion and what part it might play.

They don’t look like any of the tighty-whiteys I’ve ever seen - I’ve always seen them with a wide elastic waistband.

Looks like a pair of too-biggie-wiggies to me. IANA Mormon, but it’s my understanding that Temple Garments are supposed to be longer than that.

Poor man. I hope they straightened him out.

It would but ---------- would I want to see it? :slight_smile:

Dunno what to tell you. They’re just simple white briefs that are most likely stretched out a bit in the butt, cuz that happens.

It’s POSSIBLE that they are women’s briefs, which have a less-wide waistband and probably a fuller butt than men’s underwear. Dude might wear them as a kink (even though they’re just plain white…?) or he likes them better because they don’t have the seamed/open front in the package area.

I concur that they are just ill-fitting briefs. I’m no psychiatirist but maybe wearing two pairs of underwear that don’t even fit might indicate some kind of body dysmorphia? Was that mentioned in the film?

Looks like he is wearing his mom’s panties.

I have several pairs that don’t have such a band, they have a thiner elastic inside the fabric that isn’t visible and in fact, they’re aren’t fitting to begin with, eventually loosen more and become a bit like what this guy is wearing.

When I think of it, I never buy any that don’t fit/don’t have a proper band so I’m now wondering why I have those, or rather for how long I’ve had them. Since I very rarely wear them, only in last resort due to them being unpleasantly not fitting, and so they aren’t likely to get wear and tear it might be that I’ve been bringing them along since my teenage years and all my adult life (and I’m 53, so it would be a while).

He did mention that he was worried that a woman wouldn’t think he was manly enough, that his manhood wasn’t big enough. But according to his "teacher’ he was normal.

Maybe he’s a Never Nude? But then I would expect him to be wearing cutoffs.