Stratford Festival Tickets

Any one know if its possible to obtain discounted tickets somehow? My wife, daughter and I are planning on going in mid-August to see two plays.

The one in England or the one in Ontario?

Sorry … Ontario.

Looks like some shows are eventually discounted once they get closer to the date of the performance.

Both of the two I wanted to see were about half off today. They are 8/15 and 8/16… maybe its a 30 day thing depending on how many seats are left.

They have some discounts for young people, so if your daughter is in the right age range, she can get one or two tickets at a discount rate. You might get some other ideas by ringing the box office.

There’s a special price for people under thirty years old, in case you fit in this category. There’s also discounted “day of” tickets, which should be available for all but the busiest holidays. If your show is in the Festival Theatre, all the seats are good, so don’t worry about where you’ll sit. I haven’t been to the other theatres myself.

The previews are also cheaper, its worth checking to see if there are any in preview when you are in town.

I just know people who work there and get free tickets… :stuck_out_tongue: