Streets around Times Square cleared because of suspicious cooler

The streets around Times Square have been evacuated because someone saw a suspicious package that looked like a cooler.

My first thought when I saw that was that the Cooler of Death has returned.

Water bottles! All that hubbub and bullshit over a cooler with water bottles in it. I’m guessing somebody was selling water out of the cooler and walked away or forgot it.

Well, Cecil has told us that dihydrogen monoxide can be a killer.

I’m sure everyone’s spooked after the previous attempt but cooler heads will prevail.

That reminds me…I still wonder who Cooler Of Death was. Is he still around? I have the feeling he must have been somebody’s sock but he was too good to ban. Maybe he can come back and post in this thread.

It is my theory that the Evil’s story is much like the Smoke Monster on Lost.