Stressed? Get laid!

Another treatise from the Center for the Study of the Blatantly Obvious.

As if having sex isn’t justifiable in and of itself, here is another reason to engage in the world’s greatest pastime, especially before the big presentation in front the boss. The presentation, not the sex.

I just read this post twice seeing ‘penetration’ instead of ‘presentation’.

Um… How? :confused:

Grabbing my jacket and running out the door…

Wait. “rumpy-pumpy”?

I guess I’m old fashioned. I just have sex with the boss to get a raise.

Well, damn, I could have told you more sex = less stress.

Me: Taoist with a high sex drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

No stress in this household.

I can’t get laid. That’s *why *I’m stressed. :slight_smile:

Like this

What’s that teddy bear doing in the first picture?

Never mind. I don’t really want to know.

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No shit, seems like our cause and effect transmogrifier is out of whack.

"But honey, I’ve got an incredibly important appointment today and I need to relax. Come on, put on the police uniform, okay?

“But honey, I’ve got an incredibly important appointment today and I need to relax. Come on, put on the police uniform, okay?”

…“you mean you want it twice before you leave, honey? I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!!”

This merits further inspection.

The bear seemingly jumping out of the way helps to express the sheer passion of the lovemaking, and also symbolizes a loss of innocence. This is the woman’s childhood… jumping… out of the way.

The laptop in the second picture indicates college students, and that the woman is on top is indicative of the sexual liberation of a young, educated woman. The two are clearly enjoying their idealistic youth.

The third picture, however, is a bit disturbing. It’s clear that the couple is now merely going through the motions: the man is lost in thought, perhaps pondering the importance of the book he has just set aside, while the woman seems to contemplate if there’s any milk left in the fridge.

Hmm… very poignant.

Insomnia? Go to sleep!

Actually, believe it or not, a school therapist actually had similar advice for one of my friends. She was having issues with meeting people and connecting with them, because she was shy and had a little social anxiety. The therapist’s advice?

Go out and try to have flings with cute guys. It’ll do wonders for your self-esteem!


Yes, but there is a vicious circle here:

It is stressful trying to get laid; and getting laid relieves stress.

But being obviously desperate or stressed turns off potential partners, so more stress is at play in supressing the more obvious signs of stress…

So, unless the resulting sex is really, really, really potent, you’ve got a net increase in stress.

But at least you got laid.

Getting laid doesn’t always calm you. It all depends on whom you lay.

And whether it’s good. Sometimes no sex is better than bad sex.

Working on it.