Strip poker poll for the ladies

This is for the Doper women because for guys, the modesty loss is much more linear.

The scenario: You’re with a group of friends, mixed sexes, having a good time at someone’s house. You’ve known each other for a couple years at least and shared a pretty big chunk of your lives, but no one is romantically involved and no one’s seen you in anything less than a bathing suit up to now. Your SO isn’t there.

Someone suggests a game of strip poker and impulsively, you join in. You’ve not played well and are down to a bra up top, briefs and a skirt on the bottom. Then you lose again, and one more piece is coming off.

… how the bloody blazes did I lose my top before I lost the skirt? How come I’m wearing a skirt with nothing underneath except for panties? (No thigh gap here…)

HELP! I’ve been abducted by aliens!

Well, I figured most women would show their top underwear before the bottom underwear. Perhaps I was wrong. And you removed your half slip before the blouse came off, even. Didn’t think of offering “I’d pull my briefs off from under the skirt.”

What else would you wear under a skirt except for panties? (I’m assuming tights/leggings/what have you would have come off already in the game, if applicable.)

The skirt would come off before the pantyhose / leggings / bloomers.

But does it? Ladies are cunning they are able to remove under-garments without removing a skirt or blouse therefore keeping themselves covered and retaining their modesty and the mystery that we (men) would love to see uncovered.

But what if you weren’t wearing anything under to begin with?

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I wouldn’t ever be in the situation you described in the OP, BUT theoretically, hellllllll no! I’d be far more likely to keep my shirt on with visible undies than keep my pants/skirt with only a bra on top.

No shirt feels WAY more exposed to me.

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I mean, seriously, where the heck do you think that trope about a woman wearing panties and a top came from? Outside of beaches and locations where bras were introduced by The White Man, that’s a lot more likely than skirt and bra.

I picked remove the skirt, even though I never wear skirts so it’d be jeans instead. I live in a cold region. Usually I wear underwear, Under Armour compression shorts, then the regular pants. Lots of layers here. I also wear bra, then tank top, then shirt, then hoodie. So assuming I’m dressed normally, It wouldn’t really matter if I removed my pants since I have Under Armour compression shorts on underneath(these).

That is the better way to play. All start naked and get dressed as you win hands. Makes for a very fast game.

Hey, could be worse. The aliens are just conducting a voyeuristic poll. They could be doing things involving probes…

Is an orgy so out of the question that you have to waste time with cards and scatter clothes all over the room?

Hey, hey. Nothing wrong with foreplay.

Thank you
I’d never heard of compression shorts so I googled and that brand also makes some great sport bras

How do the mechanics of strip poker even work? Is there raising and folding?

All games of the form “strip-X” are really “do something using the equipment normally used for X, and then someone removes some clothes”. The rules for the normal game of X do not apply.

Unless “raising and folding” is a euphemism – then they are always involved, even if “X” is not “poker”.

I suppose folding would depend on how many of the players were neat freaks.

How much gets raised is a bit trickier. The amount of raising is contingent upon how many fellas are playing. However if there’s too many fellas playing and not enough ladies, you won’t see much raising going on-- unless the fellas are playing with no straights. If they aren’t playing with straights, and those movies are to be believed, most of them fellas just go all in before the chips even hit the table.

I’m just trying to work out how the game would actually come about. Let’s play some strip poker - Okay!

Everyone put in the ante (blind maybe?). What’s that, a sock?

Deal cards. Round of betting. I bet, a belt. Other person calls my belt with…a bracelet? How is the value of each article of clothing determined? Other person calls the belt/bracelet and wants to raise two hair ties. What?

Ok, everyone calls. Assume all the future betting rounds are passed. Then after showdown, winner collects a belt, a bracelet, and some hair ties. Okay, great, now they have more clothes.

So at the end, a bunch of mostly naked people, and one person looking like Joey from that episode of Friends where he puts on all of Chandler’s clothes? That’s sexy.