Strokes' Is This It, 7th Greatest Album of All Time

Like ‘em or hate ‘em, who could justify naming the Strokes’ album in the top 100, much less 7th greatest album of all time? Can’t say I agree with some of their other choices, either. I’m listening to that Stone Roses CD right now, and it’s boring the piss out of me, even though I’m trying to make myself realize how great it is. White Stripes’ White Blood Cells is in the top 20? WTF?

Wow, that list sucks, and I even have five of the albums on that top 10 list and enjoy them :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, they don’t care much for credibility, do they?

Its the New Musical Express. Credibility has never been one of their real aims.

Anyway, these sort of lists are always a joke. There is always a disproportionate amount of current acts that disappear from simialr lists printed in five years time.

I always look at these “best whatevers of all time” lists in magazines and whatnot as blatant filler material. Looks like the NME couldn’t come up with an article this month.

Yeah, it’s the NME. A band can go from best band since The Smiths to risible in 6 months. They have crushes, not tastes.