Stupid Ericsson add

I put it in the pit because, surely, It would end here at the end.
How can a company run a comercial so stupid like this.
Didn’t the realize that the audience would be global?

I’ts “ad”.
And I’m confused, it’s standard issued “feel good”, “peace on earth” commercial peddling some product or other. No different from Coke, or Pepsi or whatever.

What’s wrong about it? Am I missing something (I have no idea what the voiceover says).

It kinda reminds me of stories about the trenches of World War One, with allied and German troops bogged down in their trenches and throwing food and other minor presents back and forth.
The ad fails in the sense that it doesn’t encourage me to get an Ericsson phone, but I don’t find it inherently offensive.

So is this a huge woosh from the OP or what?

I dont understand where Ericsson fits into the ad.
It looks like an ad for Cellcom, a cellphone operator in Israel.

And what is so anti-global about the ad anyway?

Found some information about the ad here
Maybe not very PC, but I can easily think of ads that are much more disturbing.

Did that ever really happen? Maybe I’m just a jerk, but I’d make a present out of exlax chocolate or something just as easily innocent looking but debilitating before I charged their trenches.

OK. Thank you for the background. People in the affected area are entitled to be offended by whatever they wish, but I still don’t get it. :confused:


Christmas Truce


That’s simply wonderful. Pitty the brass were jerks too.

Sorry, I don’t read Hebrew and I saw it posted as an Ericsson Ad.
I think the ad is pretty stupid, hot israeli chick soldier cheering the guys playing football when the reality is so much different.
Whatever your position is about the wall, the sad fact is that it has caused a lot of grief to palestinians, whole families separated, etc.
It’s cynical and it’s not politically correct.

Rather than putting “this” would it have killed you to add a small descriptive text, including what part you find offensive?

It’s funny… the offenderati author of that piece seems to go out of his way to get upset.

Imagine the commercial. Flowers being sent from Palestine to Israel, maybe with a husband finding the newly delivered long stemmed rose in a vase and giving it to his wife with a smile. The tagline: “make love, not war.”
Yeah, horrible.

If anything, this ad does a bit to humanize the conflict. “See, people over there jut want to live their lives and have fun, too.” Could some people take offense at it? Sure, that’s a no-brainer. But it’s a tempest in a teapot.

The mention of the ICJ verdict is also self-defeating, since anybody who’s at all aware of its actual facts knows full well that it was a kangaroo court that deliberately set about ignoring the relevant facts in order to come to a preconceived position. There are certainly valid complaints that can be made about behavior in that region of the world, but “hey, you and Palestinians both like soccer and it’d be much more fun to get the soldiers together to play a game of soccer than shoot at terrorists” is not exactly all that horrible.

Good. Political correctness is a horrible, evil thing IMO.

I thought it was quite a nifty ad, actually, showing how the power of communication (courtesy of the Israeli phone company) was bringing people together- even in adversity- to put aside their differences for a while and come together over an impromptu game of Football- which is, after all, The World Game.

I thought it was kind of a cute unity message. Sure, it’s being used to sell a product, but it was still somewhat touching, despite the situation surrounding the wall.

I liked it, although I don’t understand any of the voiceover. I actually thought it was pretty ballsy for a feel-good happy ad.

It’s “it’s.”

:raises fist:

Damn you, Gaudere!

It would have been even better if at the end, they show the other side of the wall, and it’s just this one skinny Palestinian kid.

The best part about this is how Israel actually reacted to a reenactment of it. The Palestinians did a good job of bringing attention to their plight.

Humanize the conflict my ass. You are seeing the ad from the POV of the oppressor, that’s why you don’t find it offensive.

Imagine the same ad but instead of israeli troops it is Nazi troops outside the Auschwitz perimeter walls playing with the ball. Offensive, no?