Stupid General Questions: Part III (or IV or whatever it is)

Dear Cecil

How do they do the drive-through at fast food restaurants in foreign countries where the steering wheel is on the wrong side? Do they just toss your food to you through the passenger window?

Of course not! We reverse through the drive-through. DUH!

Dear Cecil

How many people farting at the same time would it take to equal the thrust of a Saturn V5 rocket?

Depends on the fart fuel used.

Exciting new studies show that beans and/or cabbage provide the most bang per emission, reducing the number of farters by as much as 50%.

We’re now working on ways of keeping the astronaut alive during blast-off.

Stay tuned…

dare cicel

how du u spill wurstshushar?

I would like to note that the local Checkers drive thru in my neighborhood has two windows, one on each side. So when you go to the left side they do indeed toss it through the passenger window. Much chaos ensues.

By turning the bottle upside down of course.

For some strange reason, this reponse from someone named RedFury is quite appropriate.


Dear Cecil

How do flies and insects stick to the wall?

The stupidest question I’ve seen in a while (it was actually answered, although not by Cecil) was “Is it really dangerous to stick a knife in the toaster?”


Dear Cecil,

I am considering marching an army into Russia. Is this a good idea?

Napoleon did it and look how revered he was. Go for it!

Dear Cecil,

There is a rock in my box. May I set your dog on fire?

Dear Cecil,
So, about those scalar weapons from the 1920’s…

I saw one person in GQ asking if murder was illegal.

Dear Cecil

Can you please tell us who the guy is?

The man you are thinking about is named Arthur Wellesley. He was last seen leading Britsh troops against Napoleon at Waterloo.

Hitler did it, too. From past history it is probably a bad idea. However, some people believe that the third time is a charm. :wink: [sup]but not during winter![/sup]

For some reason this :

Immediately followed by this :

… is just … I dunno … either the funniest thing in the world or just real disturbing.

Charles XII of Sweden took a crack at invading Russia too. It didn’t work out for him, either.

Barbarossa had it down though.