stupid inapropriate things that make you giggle.

I was trying to remember the name of first black guy to play in the major leagues before anybody got around to making a rule against it.
I finally got the information on Wikipedia, Moses Walker. I also found about a guy I had never heard of before.

And I realize racism isn’t usually a laughing matter but for reason the next sentence…

… caught me off guard and made me snort diet Dr pepper through my nose as I realized what a fortunate last name he had for that circumstance.
“Are you white?”
[Perfect poker face]: Yes I am White.

I must be evil, I cackle when I witness other people fighting and arguing.

He was half black, half white, and he went to Brown University and played for the Grays and his name was White. Heh.

Just about all stupid, inappropriate things make me giggle. When I heard about the giggle loop on “Coupling,” I knew exactly what they were talking about. I have at least two sisters that I can’t make eye contact with at funerals or weddings because of inappropriate giggling.

My mother used to work at a department store at the mall. When the cool thing was to hang out with your friends at the arcade on the weekends, she’d drive me home after the mall closed. When the store she worked at was closing, they’d slide these big glass doors across the entrance, leaving just the middle panel open for people to get out and come in to get to their exit to the parking lot.

I used to LOVE sitting there and waiting for her. You’d see people coming from hundreds of feet away, not realizing the glass partition was up. And you’d just wait. Closer and closer they’d get, heading for a beautifully clean glass panel. Until…BAM! They’d slam into it. There was never any blood or serious injury, but man I’d get a chuckle out of it. Still do today when I see it on AFV.

I’ve worked at a small firm for the past 20+ years. It’s safe to say that the majority of employees who’ve passed through it (and the owners as well) would not fare well on Jeopardy! Their literary and cultural awareness is pretty much limited to what’s currently playing at the local Cineplex or on the trashier cable TV channels.

Many years ago, we were all in a staff meeting going over the status of projects that were currently active. As is our custom, each of us had a printed tracker with all of said projects listed.

We had an employee at that time who was one of the very few exceptions to the rule I set forth above. She had written “Waiting for Godot” in the status area of a client who had been unresponsive to our repeated requests for materials for quite some time.

When we got to this entry, our receptionist, a wonderful person with a heart of gold who we all loved (but who was decidedly on the lower end of the scale I spoke of) said, “Who’s this GO-Dott guy?”

The employee who had written the Godot entry and I knew we didn’t dare look at each other, or we surely would have laughed out loud and hurt the receptionist’s feelings, which we didn’t want to do. I still had to look away from everyone and try really hard to stifle a bad case of the giggles.

I laugh at people falling. I feel guilty about it- after all, people can get hurt, and I myself* hate* falling, it’s just so embarrassing. But if you fall, I will laugh my *ass *off, because I just can’t help it. Especially if you fall while on a treadmill. That is the funniest thing ever.

ANY time it’s perfectly quiet, I can hardly control myself. I will virtually shake with laughter. During a prayer, especially.

Reminds me of when I worked for a retail chain and part of my job was collecting carts from the parking lot. The carts had those self-locking mechanisms on them if someone tried to take it out of the boundaries, clearly labeled by thick yellow lines that had a “no carts” logo on them, and signs explaining the situation.

Well the store was in a big outdoor shopping complex and a lot of people tried to take the carts out of the designated area anyway, completely ignoring the ample signs and warnings.

I loved watching all those (mostly housewives) strolling along completely oblivious as they got checked in the gut by their shopping carts when the wheels locked. In that otherwise dreary, minimum-wage-paying, soul-sucking job, it was a beautiful ray of sunshine for me to witness that day after day.

I was sitting in a storm cellar a couple of weeks ago when 3 of my friends came running down the steps. All 3 hit their heads on the concrete ceiling as they got to the bottom step. One right after the other. I laughed for 30 minutes as everyone nervously waited out the storm.

Being 4 years old, my nephew still hasn’t learned that his privates are, for certain people including some of his closest relatives, “unmentionable” and undisplayable (I know his mother has sex with the lights on, can’t talk about her mother’s tastes). Every time we’re in the schoolyard after picking him up, or at the medical center picking his mother up (she’s a GP), and he has to go to the bathroom, he’ll start disrobing before he starts walking.

The sight of a 4yo’s ass isn’t particularly hilarious, but watching Doc Sisterinlaw and her mom go into hysterics over it cracks me up.

Even though I’m grown, I still get a kick out of acting like a small child. Running around with arms outstretched making fighter pilot noises/explosions? Check. Putting both palms to my mouth and making farting noises? Double check, and I’ll be on the floor laughing my ass off.

I had a cousin who was the type that loved to say inappropriate things, just to get people’s reactions. He also had a great personality - very funny, very witty, the type of person most people instantly liked. He could usually get away with more than the average person when being inappropriate. He passed away in 2004.

About a year later, a couple of months after I had quit drinking, I was going through a group counseling program, and there was a dude in the group who was just like my cousin, I’ll call him Tom. One night, someone else was telling a story about a relative and her boyfriend who’d gone to jail on something meth-related, and the boyfriend hung himself. At that moment I happened to be marveling over how much Tom was like my cousin, when he said “eh, he was a loser anyway.” It was exactly what my cousin would have said. Everyone else appeared shocked by this comment; I started giggling. And had a hard time keeping myself under control. I’m sure everyone thought I was just as whacked as Tom, but whatcha gonna do?

I’m laughing just reading about it. By the third one, I would have been rolling on the floor helplessly.

GESancMan, that’s the kind of thing my husband says (to me, not to a group of people). And then we both start giggling.

This was the Evil Boyo Jim who laughed hysterically.

I was in a car stopped at a light, and I saw two pedestrians approacchin the same corner at right angles to each other, with a tall thick hedge between them. There was a guy in a powered wheelchair, who obviouly couldn’t see the… blind guy with the cane. And the guy using the can was tapping ahead and to one side – the wrong side for the oncoming wheelchair.

So I could see this coming for a few seconds ahead of time, but I was too far away to do anything about it, except tap the person sitting next to me and point so she could watch too. And they crashed into each other and both tumbled into the hedge, and we laughed and laughed.

I’m still not sure why. I guess you had to be there. It played out like a Monty Python skit.

I guess I’m evil too, Thanks for the laugh, Boyo Jim, I needed it!

Me, too! Well told!

The other night, I was watching AMC and a preview for Breaking Bad came on. It was one of the ones that mentions what all the critics are saying about the show. When the announcer said “Brian Cranston is electrifying,” my brain heard “is a leprechaun.” I instantly knew I misheard because the words were on the screen. I laughed hard and long at whatever-the-hell was going on in my brain to make me confuse “electrifying” with “a leprechaun.”

ETA: I guess it’s not really inappropriate, just bizarre. But it made me laugh anyway.