Stupid Internet Explorer question

I have noticed since I upgraded to Win ME, I am unable to open multiple jpgs at once without launching multiple versions of Internet Explorer.

This is driving me nuts since I was able to mark 7 pics and have them upload onto one version of IE before and be able to use the back and forward buttons to scan through. Its a real pain in the ass as a I have multiple versions of graphics and photos for my web work and everytime I try to view 15 pics, I got to close 15 versions of @)(*#(( IE.

Someone help me here…this is too stupid for words

I don’t know exactly what it is you’re doing (it’s late here and I’m just hanging on…) but in ME, My Documents > My Pictures is a handy little function for viewing – I send stuff there and it can be viewed in a few different ways.

In Windows 2000, the same sort of thing happens when using Word or Excel.

Multiple documents launce multiple sessions of the application.

I’m wondering who the genius is at Microsoft who came up with this.

Just guessing here.

I have Win98, Not Win ME. From IE 5.5, I click on “Tools”, “Internet options”, and then select the “Advanced” tab. Among the “Browsing” checkboxes, there is a checkbox labeled “reuse windows for launching shortcuts”. If I uncheck this box, the same thing you describe happens to me. When I have this box checked, all the images open in one browser. Maybe there is a similar option on WinMe and somehow it became unchecked.

no sorry zy

I have it checked and it still does it…this is REALLY a pissy bug

Some changes to those checkboxes don’t take effect until you restart your computer.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but it might not be a bug. If I tell it to open 7 pictures, I want to see them all at the same time, so it better open 7 windows, not use the forward and back buttons.