Stupid Newbie Question

But they’re so cute at that age.

Don’t grumble. You have clarified stuff I have written about 8,759 times so far. It’s about time I get one.

Not to worry. It was only pretend grumbling. :wink:

Hey, now that it is fixed. . .are you an old veteran or veterinarian? :confused:


It turned out to be a thingy ( technical term that ), in Firefox, but thank you nonetheless.

~ You CAN teach an old Frog new tricks; it just takes a while ~

He/She coulda been both !!!

Agreed. Note however that “been” would be incorrect after retirement for a veteran, who would retain veteran status. After retirement most veterinarians stop paying state licensure fees and thus they “were once” a veterinarian.

So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and welcome justanoldvet. :wink:

Smilies on Foxfire come and go, depending on the update. I noticed earlier last week, they were disallowed, but now they are back.

…grumble grumble… boy, you try to pay someone a compliment around here…

:smiley: hehe. sorry, bud.

If, OTOH, you’d been a licensed vet before volunteering for duty in Iraq training bomb-sniffing dogs, then your civillian license to practice veterinary medicine expired while you were overseas, then you returned to private practice and renewed, you’d have to change your name to VetExVetVetVet.
I think.