Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!

I cannot believe tonight’s bullshit. You see, I have a 2 year old boy who has recently discovered the amusement of pinching. Regular toddler phase I am told.

So my DH’s cousin comes over tonight to use the phone and bum cigarettes and Mountain Dew with his girlfriend… like they do EVERY fucking day.

Jeremy (my two year old) goes by this girl and pinches her to get a reaction from her. She was ignoring him. Well he runs to the other side of the room but on his way, the bitch pinches his arm! Not a little pinch either, the skank drew blood! She actually stuck her nails into my son’s arm! Can you believe this?! She is 18 yrs old and I figured she’s a lil too old to do something like that.

Considering I was home alone w/ my kids I didn’t hit her but I gave the boy a very evil look and he pulled her to the side and I didn’t hear everything but he told her to not pinch him anymore. Big deal, a lil slap on the hand. You just wait until tomorrow when they drag their useless asses to my mother’s house begging for shit. I will get her then. I’ll show her what happens when you fuck with my babies. FUCKIN BITCH!

Anyone feel I’m over-reacting? Would any of you without kids do anything like that??

What is a DH?

Why are they begging for shit at your Mom’s?

Teach your kid not to pinch.

Yes, she was a bitch.

Over-reacting? I’m appalled that you didn’t throw her out of your house with threats of charges being pressed if she ever set foot on your property again.

DH - dear husband.

They beg because they’re too lazy to work and we’re too kind hearted to turn them away.

As for teaching him to not pinch, I’m trying as it is… he just hasn’t picked up the thought to stop I guess.

Amanita: Speaking of charges, can I press anything? If I can, I want to. What she did was uncalled for. I know pinching hurts but she isn’t two yrs old and left with a nasty sore on her arm.


Screw threats, why can she still walk? Wassamattafayou?

Also: How many times did your kid pinch her? What did you DO about it the first time? It is NOT a phase, I have 3 and they NEVER did anything like this. At least the kid will know that bad things can happen to him if he hurts someone on purpose, a point you could have emphasized by dotting the eye of the lass that hurt HIM.

Someone else drew blood from your kid, I ask again, Why can she still wlak?

It was the first time he had touched her… I don’t know what the hell her problem was.

Main reason I didn’t dot her eye right then is because I was home alone with the kids and the two wastes-of-space carry knives. But tomorrow I will have people to help with the kids and I know they’ll show up. I will dot her eye plenty then. She doesn’t know who she’s messed with but I’ll show her MY knife and it’s much bigger than what she carries. Gah.


I have 2 fully functional broadswords which I’d be very happy to lend for a good cause…
Threatening a bitch like that is a good cause.

Oh don’t worry DLC, that’s what I own… evilgrin

I don’t want to do anything so violent in front of my very young children. But what they do not see will not hurt them, right? I mean, I won’t kill the bitch… nope… but she’s going to feel at least a little pain… to compensate.

You don’t want to do anything violent in front of your kids, yet you let them pinch people. You really don’t see the contradiction?

Yes, she shouldn’t have pinched your kid. But what the hell are you doing letting those freeloaders into your home anyway? If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will be taken advantage of, and there comes a point when it’s no longer just their fault.

Geez, should I watch the evening news?
(Kids who pinch should get pinched back, but not THAT hard!)

I have to agree and I’ll go a step further. What are you letting knife carrying freeloaders into your home?

Take photos of the scratch mark, (important for court presentation) call the police, file a complaint, and PRESS CHARGES! Don’t waste time with petty BS, cut straight to the chase. If the marks are still visible, it’s probably not too late. Tell the police you were stunned, and not quite sure what to do, but that you decided to press charges. Emphasize that you saw the person assualt your child.

Yes, you can press charges for this, she caused VISIBLE harm to a minor. That’s a serious crime. Don’t take that crap, she’s gone too far, and now must face the consequences for her poor impulse/anger control. That’s life.

Don’t cave in on this, she needs to learn that such behavior is illegal and not acceptable in civilized society. If it were biting, would you even be asking if you could press charges? Just think of that, what if you child starts biting, and decides to bite her? If she thinks pinching back is ok, she’ll likely bite back too!

It’s difficult, but not impossible to teach a child not to pinch. Some days it seems like they will never give it up. Just stick to your guns, and keep at it. He’ll learn not to do it.

Keep us updated, and comfort the little one for me, ok?


you on FT?

You don’t know much about two-year olds, do you?

My kid did this too. She didn’t know any better. We always grabbed her and tried to cue her not to do it but a two-year old’s verbal skills are not tremendously developed yet. They mostly just stare at you.

There is no excuse for drawing blood on a toddler. I don’t care what it does first. An adult is not a two-year old. An adult is not entitled to revenge.

And you never, ever touch someone else’s kid like that, at least not my kid. That bitch would have been in a world of hurt if she had done something like that to my daughter, and I’m talking about what my wife would do, not me.

Something that helps when teaching a child not to pinch (this is a normal toddler stage) is to understand that the child often pinches when they are frustrated, disappointed, or angry. They cannot verbalize how they feel yet, so they express it physically.

Find ways to help the child express their frustrations, then ask them gentle questions, designed to help them show/tell you why they are upset. This will help them learn anger management, and also how to express their thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

I used “the mad dance” to help the child harmlessly express their frustrations, anger, or disappointment. Basically they would stamp their foot down, and say “I’m mad!” or “I’m sad!” or however it seemed they were feeling. I would then ask them to tell me why they were mad/upset/let down/feeling mean. This helped.

Also, tell them that such behavior is not nice, and that you won’t allow it.


A little trick I use on the little ones if they pull hair or pinch or bite is to flick them on their fingers with my middle finger. Hurts a little and they get the point. No blood or bruising just a little flick to get the point across.

I am not a lawyer, but what you described is the definition of simple battery. If that person had done such a thing to an adult, she could be arrested. Since it was a child, she might be facing some additional child abuse type charges.

By all means press charges. As Zabali said, get photos of the marks, and also bring your son to the police station with you, if the marks are still visible, so you can have an outside witness to confirm the injury.

Not only do you have a good case against this skank; you will also be protecting yourself from big trouble. If you do confront her at your mother’s house, and get into a physical altercation, there are two bad things that could happen:

  1. You get hurt.

  2. She gets hurt, and files criminal assault charges against you.

I know the urge to retaliate is tremendous, and understandable. But you could wind up as the one in deep shit. “Your Honor, what the defendant’s victim did was wrong, yes, but what harm did it really do? It does not, it cannot justify the serious injuries she inflicted in revenge.” And so forth.

But I would bar her from ever showing her face in your home again.

Mushroom, mushroom.