Stupid? Uncouth? Ill-mannered? Bitch? You decide!(long)

A good friend of mine died about 2:00 am Tuesday. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on July 4th, and after her second round of chemo had developed pneumonia. The hospital kindly added a couple of staph infections, and after 6 days on a respirator the family decided to take her off of it. She died about 18 hours later. In a way this was a blessing, because the cancer had spread to her lungs and lymph nodes - she had a long, painful, expensive and ultimately fruitless battle ahead of her.

I received the call at about 4am. I wasn’t able to get back to sleep, but waited until 7 to start making phone calls to our friends. (At the request of her family) One of the people I called hung up on me after I told her the news. I thought that was rather rude, but I understand that people don’t always behave at their best under stress.

At a little before 8am, the woman who hung up on me showed up at my deceased friend’s apartment, where her two sisters and two family friends were staying. Less than 6 hours after my friend died, while her sisters are still in shock, this running sore told them that she had given my friend a ring a few years ago and could she have it back? And stayed there until they found a ring she said was it. She then took it and left.

You useless mannerless fuckwit. I could have understood if you waited a few days and brought up the ring. But couldn’t you have even waited until her body was fucking cold? Her family was in shock, she had seemed to be doing well, and you are so fucking ill-mannered and greedy you can’t even wait until they had planned the cremation and memorial service. Oh hell no, you classless fucking bitch, you had to hang up on me - not because you were upset, but because you had to jump into your fucking clothes and your fucking car and get over there to demand a ring no one has any idea if you even gave her.

I am ashamed to admit I know you. I am embarassed to admit I serve on the executive board of an organization with you. I am fucking sorry you were ever born. I am horrified that your useless son and his spineless wife live with you while popping out a kid every year, because it means you are teaching these kids to be just as classless and mannerless and unfeeling as you are.

I hope that fucking ring means a lot to you. Because of your asshole actions in getting it, you have lost a lot of friends. Fortunately my friend’s family has enough class to shrug it off, while referring to you as “my preciousssssssssssest”.

Fuck you with a rabid porcupine, backwards, for bringing more hurt to a family that was already up to their limit in hurt.

I hope that ring rots your fucking finger.

Well said. I always wonder what the hell these people were thinking? Since you will likely have a relationship with this woman in the future, even if it’s just in a professional setting, do you think you’ll ever be able to calmly ask her WTF?

Damn, SnakesCatLady. Just damn. That was beyond uncouth.

But “my preciousssssssssssest”? Your friend’s family has class. Loosing her must be a great loss. You have my sympathy for the pain of it.

My best thoughts to you. And to the Ringbitch . . . something else.

Holy cow. If your previous posts hadn’t shown you to be a normal, real human being, I’d think you were some weirdo making that story up. Because no one could behave in such a manner you described.

I’d go with a) stupid, b) ill-mannered, c) bitch, and yes, d) fuckwit.

I am going to do my best to emulate my deceased friend, who was always calm and nice even in the most trying circumstances. I am going to try to keep my mouth shut. The damage is done. I will never, ever, have any kind of social relationship with this bitch. I will not associate with her in any manner I am not required to by the position I hold. And I will do my dead-level best to make sure she is never elected to an office in this organization again.

Then if she ever has the nerve to ask me “what’s wrong?”?


I don’t think I have the imagination to make that up. I wish I was making it up. I asked the sisters if they were kidding me when they told me. They didn’t even know her name; they had seen her a few times in the ICU waiting room. They had to describe her to me and tell me where she worked to find out who she was. When they told me the story I was just dumbfounded; I still cannot believe someone can be that fucking heartless.

I needed to vent about this, to get out this rage in a harmless way. Because if I bottle it up the next time I see “precioussssest” it would not be pretty. And that is not the way to do justice to my friend’s memory.

But oh the things I want to say to her…

I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. And like you said, fuck this person with a rabid porcupine back and forth, but let me add “and if that doesn’t work, how about fuck you with a rusty barb-wire dildo dipped in sulfuric acid!”

Snakes first off, I want to thank you for that lovely turn of phrase. You are indeed a true southern belle. :smiley:

Second, as a true southern belle, you know that killin’ the fuckwit with kindness will be the best kind of punishment and revenge. I have no doubt whatsoever that you know how to do that and do it goooooood!

Some people just plain damn suck. She’s just better at it than most.

ETA: BaneSidhe I like the way you think!

Nah. The One Ring must be thrown into a volcano.

With this (long string of expletives I’ll think up over time) still attached.

Me, I’d call her Gollum from now on, she wants her precious so bad.

It has to be stupidity. Unimaginable stupidity. I think that even rude and uncouth people have some idea of when they’re outnumbered and in what situations. I’m sorry your friend’s family had to experience this.

What the flyin’ fuck?! There are actually people like that?!

This fucktard can’t even be considered human. I think the name Gollum suits her perfectly. I have to admit, I kind of snorted when I read about your friend’s sisters calling her “my precious”. That was funny.

I am so sorry you’ve lost your friend.

I too, would be curious to see if that worthless twat tries talking to you again. What maroon!

Was that enough cussing? I rarely post in the Pit.

Fucking bitch. Unfortuantely, I’ve got a number of complete assholes in my family and you have to learn to not treat them like you would polite society.

My sister and her partner show up at my aunt’s house in the evening after the funeral for my uncle, just at bedtime, when my aunt is exhasted, saying “we came because we figured there would be food here.” :rolleyes:

I’m sorry for your friend’s family for this to happen to them.

They should have thrown the bitch out the door and buried your friend with the ring on her finger.

Or mental illness.

Not that you probably care, but was this ring a gift, or something that was lent?

The day after my father died rather unexpectedly I slept in the next morning until nearly lunch time because I had been up at the hospital very late. When I finally woke up there was a huge spread of food in the kitchen, including some very tasty Dickey’s Barbecue, and I said something like “wow, we should do this more often”.

I’m a little better at curbing my peculiar sense of humor around other people these days. It has gotten me in trouble in the past though and it’s possible they made the same foot-in-mouth blunder that I’ve made in the past (I made a rather insensitive comment to my sister after her cat died).

SnakesCatLady, what that lady did was beyond the pale and I cannot possible attribute her actions to being stupid. She’s certainly uncouth, ill-mannered, and a bitch though. It’s unfortunate that your friend’s sisters didn’t tell this woman to get bent.


E: All the above.

Completely inexcusable. Bye-bye, Preciousssssssest.

That’s what I want to know. Do all gifts revert to the giver after the death of the recipient? What the hell?

She told the family members she had given the ring to L. about three years ago.


That is why I could understand if she had asked for it, if none of the sisters wanted it, at a more appropriate time. But L. hadn’t even been dead 6 hours when this fucknugget showed up. And sat there in the living room until they went and looked for the ring, in spite of the fact that none of these people had had more than two or three hours sleep in the last 48 hours. They had been staying in the ICU waiting room and only going home to bathe and change clothes.

And two weeks ago the Ringbitch was in the ICU waiting room crying that “she’s my best friend”. This is how you treat the family of your best friend?

I’m still stunned. I just can’t understand how someone can be that inconsiderate.

That is so fucking rude. Even worse than my sister.

There’s just nothing that can be said to someone like that. “This is not the time for your request. Please leave us alone now.”

I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. The Ring-Worm is disgusting. How petty!