substitute, subtract, add a letter to team name

The New York Meats, for example.

New Jersey Nyets


Colorado Rookies


San Antonio Spurms

or Boston Red Ox

or Chicago Cubes

New York Jests.

Texas Angers

If you remove enough letters from Scunthorpe United you get something not very nice.

It’s my favorite thing in the world.

I mean “nite” of course. I love the nite.

Green Boy Pack Hers

One of the most well-known examples, from back in the day when they were terrible:

New Orleans Aints

Los Angeles Codgers

Cleveland Drowns

Carolina Panters

Miami Cheat

Sacramento Kinks

Los Angeles Fakers

St. Louis Crams

Baltimore Cravens

Dallas Cowtoys

Pittsburgh Stealers

Kansas City Chefs
Indianapolis Cots
Chicago Subs
Detroit Ligers

Buffalo Biles

San Francisco 69ers

Washington Reedskins (band name!)

Baltimore Borioles

Washington Gizards.

DC Untied (okay, that’s a transposition, close enough)

Indianapolis Dolts

Cincinnati Rods

Philadelphia Chillies

Utah Jizz

Oakland 'Roiders
Washington Notionals.
Anaheim Pucks
San Jose Shirks
San Antonio Spurns

The much loathed and whining Philadelphia Beagles.

Great googly-moogly.

Florida Pantsers
Philadelphia Fryers
Detroit Leons
Cincinnati Freds
Washington Lizards
Ohio State BLEEEP-ckeyes
Green Bay Pacers
Seattle Seahacks
Memphis Drizzlies
San Antonio Sours